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VNO 48: In Any Need

“In any need” leaves the door wide open as to interpretation. Looking more closely, the revised Roman Missal gives two sets of options here. In the Lectionary edition a decade prior, this Mass is gathered with observances at a time … Continue reading

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VNO 47: For The Grace Of A Happy Death

Perhaps related to the previous VNO Mass, we look at the celebration of the Eucharist “For the Grace of a Happy Death.” A funeral gathers many friends as well as family. Outside of large cities, I’m not sure there are … Continue reading

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VNO 46: For The Dying

This Mass seems to be separated out from the intention “for the grace of a happy death.” The 1998/2002 Lectionary has no particular readings assigned for this intention. The Roman Missal, Third Edition, does provide four choices for the proper … Continue reading

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Too Many Readings?

Every so often, I encounter a person who finds themselves overwhelmed with the number of choices for a Bible reading. Especially for a wedding or a funeral. With a wedding, a couple has some weeks or months to decide. They … Continue reading

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VNO 45: For The Sick

This Mass would seem distinct from the votive Mass for Anointing of the Sick. When might it be used? Perhaps at an occasional Mass in a hospital or health facility. Possibly a Mass for health personnel. Some of the Scripture … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Sunday: Development or Distraction?

A facebook friend posted on this coming Sunday: … sometimes I feel liturgically bitter that Divine Mercy Sunday has kind of overrun the Second Sunday of Easter. I understand that the Gospel is about mercy, but the focus on Divine … Continue reading

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VNO 43-44: For Those Held In Captivity/For Those In Prison

The Lectionary Mass “For Those Held Captive” seems to be split into these two intentions in the Roman Missal’s Third Edition. If you refer to the Lectionary, a single reading is given, Matthew 25:31-46 describing a look back from the … Continue reading

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