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USCCB Acquires Grail Psalter

The news at PrayTell is here. I read that the 341 changes made in Rome will be rolled back. For the Hours, the canticles of the Bible will eventually emerge from this. A good development for the cause of good … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor III: Location, Location

  One cantor long ago told me she would never do the psalm from the ambo. As she crossed the center line of the church she didn’t want to be emphasizing the lower part of her trunk as she bowed … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor II: Arm Gestures

One of the modest sins I’ve noticed over the years from various psalmists is a gesture taking place when they are finished singing the psalm verse. Not when the people are supposed to enter the music. It’s a small thing. … Continue reading

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Sharing Hysteria

Over the years, many Catholic bloggers have gone gah-gah over preachers who utilized one of the proclamations of Jesus feeding the multitudes to preach on what a miracle the sharing of loaves and fish might have been. Applying some reverse … Continue reading

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Ascension, Still?

I was a bit surprised that my boss mentioned some continuing confusion on the day of Ascension.  Hence, a post-Communion announcement this past weekend that we would be celebrating the feast this coming weekend, not Thursday. This, from one of … Continue reading

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My one great sadness for today: we do not wash each other’s feet at Mass. We’ve fussed and fought about women and non-Catholics. We assume people won’t want to take off their socks and shoes. We use the Pilate gesture … Continue reading

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Abuse Or Error? I Choose The Latter

One term I find grossly inaccurate and in need of retirement is “liturgical abuse.” Recently, one of the retired priests with whom I work appeared to get a bit distracted while preparing altar and gifts. He tends to take time … Continue reading

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