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Coherence And Dispensation

My wife and I were discussing the feeling of absence from Sunday Mass. I wouldn’t share my wife’s specific feelings of loss.  Because of her medical condition, she hasn’t always been able to get out for Mass. (Though I will … Continue reading

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Ecumenical Worship, RIP?

As I spent my quarantine period looking over years of computer files saved by my predecessors, I noted with some approval the efforts at ecumenical worship in my new parish’s town. But then I looked more carefully at the documents … Continue reading

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Missing Liturgy Documents

Every so often, my energy for writing here returns. I was looking over the archives and the lists of liturgy documents summed up and yet to be considered. It’s been some time since I’ve had a Church treatise on worship … Continue reading

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I saw this piece linked in social media from ChurchPop. I don’t have an argument to make against transcendence in the liturgy. I think a lot of clergy are ill-prepared to facilitate it. Not every priest is good at crafting … Continue reading

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I got word from my sister that mom’s memorial service will be in June. The years, the geographical distance, and the circumstances make it all seem a bit unreal at some moments. I think we’ll be driving–a far more manageable … Continue reading

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On Justice And Peace At Liturgy: Sirach 35

My archbishop called for Masses for Peace and Justice at local parishes today. We looked at readings and propers here a few years ago. I noticed the entrance suggestion: Entrance Antiphon Cf. Sirach 36:18, 19 Give peace, O Lord, to … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Liturgy

At PrayTell, Rita Ferrone suggests Pope Francis actually has an interest in liturgy. Her most convincing moment: (H)e approaches liturgical questions from a different direction than we may expect. He strives to make it easier for people to engage in … Continue reading

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Private Masses

Every so often an old liturgical discussion becomes new again. I noticed an interest in private Mass discussion here and here. A result of this, I think. I know it’s been discussed here before. I’ve been in discussions about it … Continue reading

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Taking A Reading

A recent commenter asked about the liceity of adding one word to the celebration of Mass: A reading taken from the book of  … My own bias as a liturgist is fewer words not more. Circumspection is a virtue. More … Continue reading

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It’s not the March 25th version, but some kind of assessment of the CDWDS (the Vatican’s liturgy office) in advance of appointing a new head. Two PrayTell threads here and here. This kind of news used to poke my interest. … Continue reading

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EP 4 Thanksgiving

I miss hearing Eucharistic Prayer 4. It has become quite rare in use in the past decade. Clergy fuss about the “required” preface. But it’s an excellent text. My pastor chose this prayer this past weekend. The texts of this … Continue reading

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Which Day?

Every so often, this site gets an apologist for Saturday/Sabbath/worship. I think Christians, Jews, and others should be perfectly free to pray, worship, and/or rest on their day of choice. Some choices are more orthodox than others, depending on one’s … Continue reading

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My Favorite Patriarch

I cringe when it comes up in the Lectionary every Easter Vigil and every third Lent. I know. I know. God didn’t spare his own Son. Saint Paul reminded us too: He who did not spare his own Son but handed him … Continue reading

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Lent, Purim, Reliance on God

This week, we get a brief overlap in our Jewish and Catholic traditions. At Mass today, Esther’s prayer to God: God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, blessed are you. Help me, who am alone and have … Continue reading

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CDWDS Looking Ahead

A lot of commentary on Cardinal Sarah passing into retirement from heading the CDWDS in Rome. As I wrote a few days ago, I don’t think this role is very high on Pope Francis’ priorities for the Church. I think … Continue reading

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