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Real Epiphany

Today is a favorite day for many Catholics to utter an annual complaint that today isn’t an obligatory Mass attendance day. Frankly, except for the whining, I’m in agreement with this line of thinking. As a start. There’s more (or … Continue reading

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EP 4 Preface on Christmas

I’ve blogged on Eucharistic Prayer IV before, like here. Nearly two years ago, I was thinking about it for Lent, but my pastor has chosen it last weekend as well as this morning for the Mass during the Day.  Even … Continue reading

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Show Us Saint Anne

My unofficial poll on the need to explain today’s feast came to a disappointing conclusion: clergy and theologians both need schooling on whose conception is observed today. A social media friend posted an image from Conception Abbey of Mary as … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Reminder: 1 Timothy 6:6-11, 17-19

A new suggestion for my experience on Thanksgiving Day, and an appropriate companion to the Deuteronomy 8:7-18 reading. Two important reminders for people in my country: a touchstone on religion with contentment, and also a warning for the rich. Let’s … Continue reading

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Priests or People?

Archbishop Cordileone gave an interview with CNA. Some liturgy questions and answers popped up at the end of it. It’s always interesting to see a totally different point of view from most Catholics. What do I mean by that?  Clergy … Continue reading

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Considering Themed Masses

I noticed PrayTell blogger Fr Neil Xavier O’Donoghue pondering “Days of Prayer” here. From the essay, this lead-off: Last Sunday was observed as Mission Sunday. Yet this is not, strictly speaking, a liturgical observance. I have often seen observances such … Continue reading

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The Mass as Safe Space

Talking about the Mass with me, a friend recently pondered the notion of the liturgy as “safe space.” I’m aware the concept began as a consideration for non-hetero people to be able to learn, work, and express themselves in some … Continue reading

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A Mundane Vocabulary

Twice in the past few days, a social media feed has alerted me to a new wordonfire book: Friends, Advent is the liturgical season of vigilance or, to put it more mundanely, of waiting. During the four weeks prior to … Continue reading

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Of Gluten and the Appearances of Bread

I take for granted the prescription about unleavened wheat in the recipes for Eucharistic bread. In my parishes over the years, others are more guarded about their health. The best parish practice I experienced was to put the people of … Continue reading

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Not Lobbies

DDWDS head Arthur Roche’s red hat day comment: But you know, you touch this area, and everyone starts screaming. That should tell us something straight away. What is this, that’s almost becoming hysterical? Because the Church has decreed at its … Continue reading

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Chosen Race

At a recent rehearsal, one of my singers commented on this lyric from one of our songs: For we who are a chosen race are holy, yet still seek … What is the message for an all-white choir to be … Continue reading

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Lost Acclamations: The Old A

The credal statement formerly known as Memorial Acclamation A has passed into Catholic history. It still seems to pop up here and there in Christendom. A blogger at a Lutheran Church in Iowa said this: Our confidence comes from knowing … Continue reading

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Matrimony Regulations

Our parish was just in receipt of our archdiocese’s liturgical calendar for 2022-23, including regulations on celebrating the Rite of Matrimony. Some commentary after each of their notes … Matrimony within Mass on Saturday should be celebrated prior to the … Continue reading

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I was alerted to Richard Clark’s piece on Corpus Christi Watershed on “Continuity and Vulnerability …” It might not be the most popular bit published there. The author does make the suggestion that liturgical rites have a continuity from 1570 … Continue reading

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Lectionary Differences

I wonder about the choices for the psalm last weekend in many Catholic churches. I chose to use the antiphon that ordinarily matches Psalm 90, rather than “If today …” I found this page on Felix Just’s website that details … Continue reading

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