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For All

Pope Francis followers might not escape the claims of neo-ultramontanism. But I did note dotCommonweal’s mention of this tidbit from his address last week in Florence, something I missed on the first read: (Y)ou know well that the Lord shed … Continue reading

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Extra-Liturgical Chatter

I read Andrew Mountain’s brief reflection here on PrayTell. It’s somewhat personally relevant, as the mid-morning Mass at my new parish exemplifies this quality. After reading friend Charles’ comment, I noticed the CMAA echo chamber is in full reverb over … Continue reading

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Blah Blah Blah

On a PrayTell thread belittling translation, Scott Pluff related this experience: In a recent conversation with a parishioner, he admitted that the only parts of Mass that he pays attention to are the Gospel, the homily, the music, and the … Continue reading

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Opening Doors

Pretty soon, some areas of the Church will be entering the winter indoor sickness season. Pastors and the occasional bishop will place restrictions here and there on receiving Communion or touching people at the exchange of peace. More rare will … Continue reading

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It is not often I take exception to my friend Liam’s words and attitude, but it illustrates the situation in which the Church finds itself with regard to liturgy. And recently, the matter of the words of liturgy. I believe … Continue reading

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Singing During The Communion Procession

I noticed a growing thread on PrayTell: The Spirituality of Singing During Communion. My new parish sings well during Communion, and I sense there’s a mature Eucharistic spirituality in place. One of the few laudable developments to emerge in the … Continue reading

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Cinquant’anni Dopo 21-22: Rivalries and Critiques

We conclude our examination of Cardinal Robert Sarah’s June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano. In the previous paragraphs, he spoke of the need for unity. Here, he picks up on the mainstream/traditionalist divide: In this regard, it is necessary that … Continue reading

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