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My one great sadness for today: we do not wash each other’s feet at Mass. We’ve fussed and fought about women and non-Catholics. We assume people won’t want to take off their socks and shoes. We use the Pilate gesture … Continue reading

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Abuse Or Error? I Choose The Latter

One term I find grossly inaccurate and in need of retirement is “liturgical abuse.” Recently, one of the retired priests with whom I work appeared to get a bit distracted while preparing altar and gifts. He tends to take time … Continue reading

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Now Presenting: The Last Day of Christmas

  Saturday can be a sore spot for some parishes and their liturgies. Some clergy do not offer a regular Mass on this day. I’ve been in parishes where everyday Massgoers celebrate on Saturday night instead, returning the next day … Continue reading

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Children In Church

The “Rebuilt” priest, Michael White, has stirred a nest of hornets in his opinion that parents aren’t encouraged to bring little children to Mass. It’s a reasonable notion. It’s also not the only notion. In his book, he cites testimony … Continue reading

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Dish Or Font?

With fewer parishes withholding the dishes at the door than the common cup, maybe it’s a good time to check in on practices and terminology. “Font” generally means something one can be baptized in, so that term, though common in … Continue reading

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Here I Am: Praying with Psalm 40, Isaiah, and Martin Luther King

The text of a prayer I cobbled together some years ago, perhaps helpful for an observance of Monday’s holiday: Psalm: (this recited version, or preferably a musical setting like this or this or this) All: Here I am, Lord; I … Continue reading

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Human Composting

I heard this bit on a local NPR station the other day, sort of a trial balloon on human composting. Some interesting bits: The human composting … involves placing bodies in vessels where they can be covered in wood chips … Continue reading

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