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Axial Spot

Rita Ferrone writes of Aidan Kavanagh here on PrayTell. Two families of friends will celebrate infant baptisms tomorrow at my parish. This isn’t them, but it might look something like this: I think Aidan Kavanagh and Rita are thinking of … Continue reading

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Palliumania, Part 1

Today’s feast of Peter and Paul is a big thing in Rome. And for the world’s newest archbishops. There’s a change in procedure on the docket for this year. The pallium, that woolen badge of an archbishop’s office, was blessed in … Continue reading

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On Latin

A thread on Latin at PrayTell: dead language or what? Latin was my first foreign language in high school. A neighbor kidded that I was training for the priesthood. My dad grumbled and muttered something about the medical profession. When … Continue reading

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Singing At Daily Mass

Until today, I overlooked the post at PrayTell on singing daily Mass. Songs and hymns at entrance and ending are default in many places. But when I arrived at my parish, the Gospel and Eucharistic acclamations were also in place. … Continue reading

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I Can Help These People

When I visit with people from a parish, or review their website, I ask myself honestly, “Can I help these people?” Obviously, if they need an organist, I can’t help them. If they have a classically-oriented approach, probably not. So … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Deacon Greg posts on “the story behind the cappa magna.” The aggregator Pewsitter didn’t like his “sneer.” I thought Greg was fairly light in his criticism–he cited a lot of sources like any good journalist–even those in favor. When I … Continue reading

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Are Gestures Needed?

PrayTell has a post illustrating “How To Do The Consecration.” Philip Endean, SJ, leaning toward the “populist,” reacts to the strict notion that the Eucharistic Prayer is uttered to the Father: (T)hese considerations would seem ultimately to suggest we shouldn’t do … Continue reading

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