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Ban The Room?

A solution in search of a problem: banning reconciliation so-called rooms. To begin with, I have little patience for confessionals and less for “rooms.” Penance is a sacrament and the celebration of it, ordinarily, belongs in a chapel. Unless it … Continue reading

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Many St Blog’s Catholics were preparing to duck, or plug in the headphones during yesterday’s homily, in case it touched on the so-called “miracle of sharing.” If this theme is anywhere near as common as reported, perhaps it rivals another … Continue reading

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The Visit

  One of the more intriguing depictions of today’s feast is here by the American-born artist Brigid Marlin. Most parishes will probably stop at the first reading from Zechariah and not consider the option from Saint Paul, which reads in … Continue reading

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Funeral Purple

Friend and once-contributor John Donaghy sent me two images of a stole he uses for funerals. His report from Honduras: Here most of the priests use purple, though the bishop wore white for the funeral of a priest two years … Continue reading

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A History of Liturgical Color

Fascinating post here at PrayTell on clerical vestments. Curious was the medieval option for saffron yellow for feasts of confessors. The author Markus Tymister muses on funerals, and the contemporary options for black and purple: In the earliest centuries, Christians … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Liturgy Bits

I can thank the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the busiest day on this site. More than four thousand searchers were sent here from the google to research the “royal” Scripture from Romans 12. No such bump today–only 16 … Continue reading

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Communion But No Mass

Liam alerted me to a development in a diocese nearby to me. (I)n the absence of a priest to offer Mass, the distribution of Holy Communion on weekdays in the parish church during a “Communion service” will no longer be … Continue reading

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