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Minecraft Church

I posted this on facebook some months ago when I designed a church in the sandbox game Minecraft. My wife thinks I need to do more churches. I rather like universities, gardens, and exploring in a land that stretches as … Continue reading

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An Amazonian Rite

Interesting comment from Pope Francis related on PrayTell. There was talk of a ritual reform, to open to rites. This is within the competence of the Congregation for Divine Worship, and it can do so following the criteria, and I … Continue reading

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Singing The Mass: What Does It Mean?

In the good ol’ days (the 1980s), singing the Mass was something of a movement. Church musicians were encouraged to look beyond our pre-conciliar inheritance, the four-hymn sandwich. More parishes were singing the Psalm after the first reading. Mass settings … Continue reading

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Sunday of the Word of God

Oh look, a liturgical motu proprio from the pope. This is the second Sunday set aside by Pope Francis for some special observance. No readings changed or will change. Most parishes will probably stick with the tried and true: Catechetical … Continue reading

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How Long?

Discussion here at PrayTell about the length of an entrance song. I’m more interested in the exit phenomenon. One commenter mentioned the 90-minute spacing between Mass starts, and abbreviated songs allow musicians to have mercy on people stuck in two-way … Continue reading

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Wordy Intercessions

I noticed and commented on this thread on PrayTell. The topic is “praying against.” and a sample intercession reads: For our church and/or nation, that God may raise up shepherds after Christ’s own loving heart, and bring down from their … Continue reading

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The last week, I’ve seen a good bit in social media about the poll underlining supposed lack/loss of belief in some kind of presence in the Eucharist. I’ve read the results minimized, dismissed, and criticized for a lack of depth … Continue reading

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