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Who Prepares Music For Worship? SttL 119-121

Ten years ago, the US Bishops released a much-anticipated document on church music, Sing to the Lord (SttL). One of the topics they addressed was the preparation of music for liturgy. Who does this? It’s a question addressed in numbered sections 119 … Continue reading

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Leaving Early

Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble lists five reasons to stay till the end of Mass. A friend posted this on facebook, which drew my cynical comment that people leave early because the parish offers them nothing more of value. The parish, … Continue reading

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Not For Lilies Only

I heard a few parishioner comments in favor of multiple angiosperm species being used for interior decoration this Easter season. Not just lilies. Art & Environment isn’t under my purview at my parish, but I like this notion all the … Continue reading

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Gladhanding at Mass

As I wind down blogging on this site, I thought I’d touch on some last topics. Long-time readers likely know my opinions on liturgical burps such as applause, percussion instruments, and lay ministries. So there may be a handful of … Continue reading

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Easter Vigil Litany of Saints

My first exposure to John Becker’s setting was at an RCIA conference in 1993. Other musicians there were going ga-ga over it. And I admit my first impression was that it was a big improvement over the chant version* I … Continue reading

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Of the Evangelist and Eagles

Today’s apostle was the patron of one of the parishes I once served. It seems like a tough time for a patronal feast in an ordinary parish; the bustle of Christmas Eve and Day is past and many people in … Continue reading

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When Sunday and Christmas Collide

I think I can guess that nobody is keeping their Sunday schedule for Christmas. Unless your parish only gets a Saturday Mass. It’s a given that Big Christmas for Catholics has shifted from midnight to the earliest Eve Mass. Why lament … Continue reading

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