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More on Excellence

Excellent, so to speak, discussion on preaching. As a non-preacher with a vested interest in what gets said between the Gospel and the Creed, my hope is less imitation of either Rick Warren or Fulton Sheen, and more faithfulness and … Continue reading

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Ceding Excellence

What’s the metaphorical equivalent of biting my tongue where my typing fingers are concerned? Except for English football, I’ve held off from commenting on other blogs in 2015. That seems important to continue. Some striking commentary about the homiletics directory … Continue reading

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Liturgy for New Cardinals

The worship aid Rocco whispered had some interesting choices. Tu Es Petrus rendered by the choir–not the assembly. Are the singers reminding the red hats that Francis is pope, and they are not? Just one reading, but not a Gospel … Continue reading

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What Happens When New Documents Are Poor?

One of the members of the team responsible for Fulfilled in Your Hearing (FIYH, see sidebar) weighs in at PrayTell with a brief review of the new CDWDS document on the homily. It has largely convinced me not to waste my … Continue reading

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Propers Past and Future for Ordinary 5B

A year ago in cycle A, the Gospel narrative follows up last Sunday’s Beatitudes with Matthew 5:13-16–the Lord’s sayings on salt and light. It’s a rather people-focused reading, urging the disciples to live virtuously (presumably according to the values outlined in … Continue reading

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Propers Past and Future for Ordinary 4B

This past weekend, an extract from a long psalm served as the entrance antiphon. The 106th is an interesting choice (as the conclusion of a community lament) to yoke to the 122nd, a psalm for the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Entrance Antiphon … Continue reading

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Accompaniment and Dialogue: Good Liturgical Principles

The never-ending liturgy wars heat up a bit on PrayTell this week with the post announcing Pope Francis helping in the observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the use of the vernacular in Rome by Pope Paul. Of course, 1965 … Continue reading

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