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Summer Common Psalms

One of my parish’s better singers wrote to me about the high(er) bar I’ve placed on psalmists, and it’s continued through June and July: I know I have struggled with several this summer, and I’ve watched other cantors have trouble as … Continue reading

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Cantors And Their Arms

Jerry Galipeau asked “Why do cantors at Mass extend their arm/s or hand/s when it is time for the assembly to sing?” From the blogger: I simply memorize the first few lines of whatever it is that the assembly is … Continue reading

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Sunday Mass Without Music

Pondering that (usually early) Sunday Mass without music, I was thinking back to the parishes I’ve served over the years. My first parish had music at the 8AM Mass, even the Gloria. But the repertoire was basic, and generally different … Continue reading

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Moving On From Lot’s Wife

I’ve always loved the cheek of bargaining with God in Genesis 18. Abraham is well aware of his creaturely status, but comes back again and again to make his case for a few innocents in Sodom. He’s thinking of Lot, no … Continue reading

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The Heart of Our Lives

Pope Francis has dropped another document on the Church. Vultum Dei Quaerere, an apostolic constitution on women’s contemplative life. You might wonder about a long-ish post about it here, but I noticed a single section on the Eucharist, number 22. … Continue reading

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What Is The Mass?

Cardinal Sarah’s speech to traditionalists yet lives in a thread here at CMAA’s forum. In the comments there, I was intrigued by a manifesto of questions ending with this one: How many have ever heard that the Mass is first and foremost, … Continue reading

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Clarification, and Reform2 Too

Some clarification from the Vatican on Cardinal Sarah. Translation from the Italian is here. From the press release: There are not, therefore, any new liturgical directives beginning next Advent as some have wrongly inferred from the words of Cardinal Sarah, … Continue reading

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