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Lay Preaching

Time for lay preaching? They suggest it in L’Osservatore Romano, recounted here. Some Catholics don’t even make it to the main discussion. A few are stuck on: should we even talk about it? Image credit.

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Rites and Prayers at the Last

I noticed this bit from the AP: A Catholic priest administered last rites over the body of Justice Antonin Scalia after he died on a West Texas ranch. Elizabeth O’Hara is a spokeswoman for the El Paso Catholic Diocese. She … Continue reading

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Catholics ♥ @ Liturgy

The “day” of that “saint” was getting some mention today at Mass and online. Just a reminder that liturgists have a “heart” day, too. The third Friday after Pentecost. Today was the First Sunday of Lent. If you press things … Continue reading

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Our parish’s deacon preached this weekend. He pointed out the three instances of unworthiness as expressed in the readings, but he didn’t make it the centerpiece of his homily. Did you catch them in your celebration of the Word? Isaiah: … Continue reading

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Alleluia Stories

A week from this coming Wednesday, we’ll “bury” the singing of “Alleluia” for forty-five days. (Don’t get me started on the counting of Lent!) Over the years,  I’ve encountered some interesting misconceptions and ideas about the Latinized Hebrew Gospel Acclamation … Continue reading

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On Feet

As Liam reminded us this morning, one small step, and one big distraction removed. Nothing yet on the big “faithful” Catholic sites. It won’t change practice in a lot of parishes. Hopefully we can disconnect from the practice of the … Continue reading

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Another Catholic Disinvite

Kimberly Hope Belcher blogged here on a lamentable experience of Catholic disinvite. Comments are closed there, but that doesn’t stop me from offering a response here. I watched one of my fellow parishioners lean over to my friend Tim O’Malley, … Continue reading

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