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More on Women-Men Mythology

Are men mything? Charles inspired me to check the Chant Café, and I noticed a dissent from Cardinal Burke. Kathy Pluth takes exception to the good cardinal leveling the legal-eyed stare at liturgical problems and putting a label on it, writing … Continue reading

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On Peace

PrayTell posts video of the Holy Father moving off the altar platform and giving peace to sisters in wheelchairs. Lots of hand-wringing in the commentariat there, and I’d expect a more vigorous and catty dissent on other websites. Some observations: … Continue reading

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On The Shore

Frequent commenter and friend Jimmy Mac forwarded me a letter to the editor of The Tablet. From Peter Stanford, it read, in part: We were so relieved when our local parish priest agreed that my dad could have a Catholic … Continue reading

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When Liturgists Dream

I don’t usually like to share personal dreams beyond a small circle of family and friends. I think content reveals too much. But this one was just too funny. I had dozed during parish confirmation and didn’t wake until the … Continue reading

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Propers Past and Future for Ordinary 2B

My parish’s music planning group likes the option of propers, of considering what those texts–almost entirely psalms and short Gospel quotes–add to the Church’s Lectionary. To be honest, I find them of questionable value for ordinary time. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Three Kings, One Gift?

One of the more popular Christmas songs gets its due this weekend, if your faith community moves Epiphany to a Sunday. A little wiki background is here. Remember: we all like gold. Some of us are “allergic” to (frank)incense. And … Continue reading

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Christmas Vindication, Sorrow, and a Symphony

Not many parishes adopt the Christmas Vigil readings these days. Perhaps that long genealogy is considered child-unfriendly material. The annunciation to Joseph, wonderful as that optional shorter portion may be, seems out of place. Get on with the baby Jesus … Continue reading

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