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Why Churches Can’t Come Back Quick: Selecting the Few

Maybe it’s a good problem, that many of our parishes have more people than they can handle with a set fraction of our worship spaces opening in the next stage. Whatever or whenever that might be. In his essay, David … Continue reading

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Passing Through

Two or three friends on social media were drawn to one of the non-Biblical readings assigned to the Easter season. My occasional sense of alienation was poked by this passage, a small part of the larger text: They live in … Continue reading

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Survivor Guilt

One of my staff colleagues reported such early in Washington’s shelter-at-home order. We chatted a bit about our privilege of serving at Mass. Our opportunity to receive Communion. The pastor emeritus offers after each livestream Mass. (We’re directed not to … Continue reading

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The Aorta Of Liturgy?

My wife reminds me to thankful for the blessings. I do have a bishop and a boss who have committed themselves to keeping everybody on staff in parishes and at the chancery. I don’t say that to brag. (Well, maybe … Continue reading

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The Exile Commences

Here’s the Sunday morning parking lot at my parish: Way different from the norm. My white car, a priest’s blue car, and our faith formation director’s in the distance. You can see the green canvas-covered fence of our construction zone … Continue reading

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Uncertainty Ahead

The last time I felt this degree of disruption and uncertainty in ministry was the arson incident in Fall 2012 and its fallout. We were out of our building for some weeks and didn’t get back in for Mass for … Continue reading

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Who Belongs In A Choir?

The mid-morning Mass was an unholy distraction for me yesterday. It was also a graced time for holding my temper and frustration and praying the question, “What am I doing?” One dear lady vacillated a bit my first year in … Continue reading

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The 67% Tithe, And Other Employment Matters

Not to belabor connections with the CMAA’s forum, I did find this thread on which I’m in total agreement, sympathy, etc. with the viewpoints expressed there. Regarding the need to support a young family, this comment: Usually priests have no … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor

I found this thread on the CMAA site which included excellent advice from Liam. Opening the discussion: I have a cantor I need to dismiss from cantoring. Her voice blends fine in a choir, and she is involved with an … Continue reading

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My Friend Charles

Surfing facebook and dodging political news and commentary, I found this tribute to a good friend in ministry who passed away yesterday. Before our one face-to-face meeting in Seattle more than a year ago, he and I conversed telephonically a … Continue reading

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On Richard Clark

Though I have never met him face-to-face, I have a distance admiration for Richard Clark, soon-to-be archdiocesan music director in Boston. Frequent commentator Liam knows him well and alerts me to outstanding pieces of music he has composed. I hope … Continue reading

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Poor Persecuted Person

Blogger Rod Dreher takes a break from the Pope Francis Archbishop ViganĂ² to complain about persecution in the age of mercy. I’m generally not in favor of people losing jobs. I’ve lost a few in my history–not a pleasant experience. … Continue reading

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How To Preach A Funeral

The easy answer here is: I have no idea. In this PrayTell thread, the topic was Pope Paul VI’s personal thoughts and feelings about liturgical reform. We’ve all heard the apocryphal stories of the Holy Father getting ready for Mass … Continue reading

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Dual Role

I was lurking on another site and saw a piece of some interest, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of playing a dual role as conductor and accompanist. It’s personally relevant because I bounce between these roles on occasion. … Continue reading

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On Clerical Culture

About that abuse report in Australia, commentators and experts take aim at clerical culture. Father Thomas Doyle: If you want to recommend one thing, it is that there has to be a primary concern on the care of the present … Continue reading

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