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Da Pacem, Wrong?

Charles asks a good question here. I and the rest of the world woke up to the news that the second Japanese hostage by ISIS had been beheaded. I thought “This is getting to be Groundhog Day” (no pun intended) … Continue reading

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Servers, Service, and Sex

One subset of priests I’ve known over the years have been musicians/never-pastors. In one parish I served, a semi-retired navy veteran who was a fine organist had regular liturgical duties. He preached once a month. He accompanied the choir every … Continue reading

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Cardinals, For What?

Much discussion online and elsewhere about the Church’s new crop of cardinals. Pope Francis has suggested a new tone, if not redefined the role: The cardinalship does not imply promotion; it is neither an honor nor a decoration; it is … Continue reading

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Witness, When A Work of Ego

Liam’s comment in the Dick & Max thread was worth pulling out for discussion, I thought. As a church minister, I often check things that I do against my personal needs. It might happen less often now that I’m older, … Continue reading

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Just Get Some Rest

It’s not just the curia who could be looking at Pope Francis’s blistering message. It occurred to me that many of the ailments describe the sicknesses of pastoral ministry. I was struck by the second one as personally applicable, that … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke, Interior Designer?

I caught a bit of Archbishop Kurtz’s address to the other bishops yesterday before getting to work. The full text of his address is here. I found this image striking: We all strive to be faithful pastors, so we know what … Continue reading

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The Synod Fathers Speak 10: Looking Ahead With Prayer

For reference, the so-called “short” document is online is here, in English. Today, I’ll reproduce the bishops’ final request of us, that we journey with them on this pilgrimage: We Synod Fathers ask you walk with us towards the next Synod. … Continue reading

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