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Church Authority

A few years after I was baptized, I was enrolled in Catholic high school. It was an experience in “real world” church authority. My school was run by two orders, one for each half of the school, for girls and … Continue reading

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A Blessed Thanksgiving

I’m not always sure what to make of the “happy” label on holidays. If we are having a “happy” thanksgiving, does it mean our parades, football, and turkey have lulled us into a collective and blissful ignorance of the impoverishment … Continue reading

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Papal Self-Citation

Frequent commenter FrMichael mentioned Pope Francis in a comment, referring to … … the endless self-citation he is apt to do … Apparently all recent popes do it. I checked the footnotes in three early papal documents, all apostolic exhortations: … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Doc on Family

In three days, the Vatican releases the Pope Francis post-synod document Amoris Laetitia–in the vernacular, the Joy of Love. Lots of ink and screen pixels have been spent on the topic of the family. Nothing really significant here, but a few … Continue reading

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Whirl The Seasons Round

A shape-note song for the first week of Advent. Text here: With inward pain my heart-strings sound, My soul dissolves away; Dear Sovereign, whirl the seasons round, And bring the promised day.

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Jimmy Mac sent me a link to this article detailing the difference between Vatican finances and scandals in 2013 and now: The first Vatileaks case portrayed an elderly Benedict XVI seemingly unaware of the power struggles and institutionalized corruption around … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Trent, Plus Opinionology

AL suggested something of an anti-traditional crusade on my part. I don’t deny that I find many aspects of traditional Catholicism lacking: the promotion of uniformity, poorly performed chant, clericalism, opposition to key movements from Vatican II, an adversarial tack … Continue reading

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