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I heard the chatter about putting a woman on the $10 federal reserve note. US Treasurer Rosie Rios took some heat for suggesting a woman share the bill with Alexander Hamilton. That’s not a horrid idea. It works in Australia. … Continue reading

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Continuous Discernment

Our graduation and achievement driven culture might find this concept difficult and alien: continuous discernment. What does that mean? Elizabeth Reardon has a fine post at the Ignatian Spirituality site. Her conclusion resonated with me: I respond to God’s calling … Continue reading

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Sunset for CDF-LCWR Tussle

Most Catholics, including sisters and bishops, are likely relieved that a certain investigation has come to a surprise end. Sisters, bishops, and pope had a meeting this week. A release is out. All that is left is the political spinning. … Continue reading

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Write Ahead

It seems like we’ve been locked into two-at-a-time documents here for awhile, one liturgical and one other. We’re getting to the end of the synod report. What should we do next? There are about forty-plus questions in a survey linked … Continue reading

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Secret Salaries

I’ve noticed some of the hand-wringing about the Sony email hacking is about the publication of salaries. I think it used to be considered gauche to tell how much people earned. I was in a parish where the pastor was … Continue reading

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Leaving aside any change in doctrine, what a difference a change of tone makes. Included in James Martin’s piece, a citation from the synod document: Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that … Continue reading

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If It Is Archbishop Cupich …

… the prelate identified with this statement: Very caustic language wears thin quickly. I think my approach works better in the long run. The man is definitely not a culturewarrior. Mark Shea is a skeptic. His commentariat comes down mostly … Continue reading

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