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On Marital Law

Britain’s Catholic Herald dips deep into the body of American theologians to surface this commentary on the Church’s recent initiative on declarations of nullity. I like being informed on the loyal opposition, and I think the article sums up the … Continue reading

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Contact Change

My old email addresses are now dead. If you are operating automatically with your communication, please make a shift. Those with internet savvy will be able to find my parish email contact. If you are seeking a word about some ministry … Continue reading

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Open Thread on Credibility

(Hint: this is a new open thread for Max, and others who would like to engage him or be entertained by him.) I could ask a New York Yankee fan for info, input, and knowledge on the Boston Red Sox. … Continue reading

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Jesuit Philately

After nearly a month with mostly daily posts on Ignatian spirituality, here’s something different: Jesuits on stamps. Right, Belgium honors one of their own, Georges Lemaitre, “Father of the Big Bang Theory.” Not the tv show, but the actual theory. … Continue reading

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When I’ve moved to a new place, I have a small checklist of things to do. By the end of next week, I’ll be starting mine. Assuming all the utilities are turned on, and all the essentials get done, here’s what … Continue reading

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I heard the chatter about putting a woman on the $10 federal reserve note. US Treasurer Rosie Rios took some heat for suggesting a woman share the bill with Alexander Hamilton. That’s not a horrid idea. It works in Australia. … Continue reading

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Continuous Discernment

Our graduation and achievement driven culture might find this concept difficult and alien: continuous discernment. What does that mean? Elizabeth Reardon has a fine post at the Ignatian Spirituality site. Her conclusion resonated with me: I respond to God’s calling … Continue reading

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