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Coming Up: Mediator Dei

In one of the Chant Cafe threads this week, Kathy Pluth brought out Mediator Dei to explore the notion of participation and to delve deeper into what the council bishops of 1963 might have been thinking when they emphasized active participation in … Continue reading

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Café Participation

Adam Wood and I are getting into a decent discussion on participation at the Café. Adam is a good egg. I think he’s colored somewhat by his surroundings, and takes a little too much time to harp on what he … Continue reading

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Texting Church

ITNOTFATSATHS No – this is not a word, it is a text. What does it mean? In the Name of the Father, and The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Even as a tireless advocate of #chsocm – oh, I mean, … Continue reading

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More Gof8 Reform

What to call the band of “super-cardinals?” Gang of Eight? G8? What kind of symbol for my future posts on that? An octagon? Anyway, this piece seemed to blow up any notion that Pope Francis is dilly-dallying on curial reform. … Continue reading

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You’ve probably already heard that the pope’s Spanish Twitter followers have surpassed those in English. Would you believe that his followers on @pontifex_ln now outnumber those who want it in Polish, and have tied German speakers? Vatican officials were expecting … Continue reading

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Window On The World

The new window is in. I picked up a lot more stuff at the hardware store than I needed for installation. Ah well. The booklet that came with the window said 12 to 30 cedar shims. The measurements and alignment … Continue reading

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A Tidy Right Column

The fifth Vatican II page is now up, Nostra Aetate. Individual posts cleaned up a bit and standardized with indented quotes. Some of the older Vatican II posts were on the original blogspot site. They didn’t always make it to … Continue reading

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