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Blogging Schedule Ahead

With the onset of the US bishops’ Fortnight, this site will honor free Christian women and review some of their accomplishments over the next two weeks. Over the centuries, they only sought to be free to serve, honoring the movement of … Continue reading

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A Return

Don’t you just love the English language? Maybe if you’re not so much an English student … “Re” and “turn.” Doesn’t seem to imply anything other than making another turn. I may be driving in a car and I turn … Continue reading

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A disruption in blog service? Todd is away and I can say – and you can see – that I have not exactly stepped up to the plate. Here is it June 5, and the blog has been quiet since … Continue reading

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A Lost Social Script?

An interesting article one of my staff colleagues sent me suggests that today’s college students are quite clueless about dating. BC philosophy professor Kerry Cronin offers extra credit in one of her classes that deals with ethics and moral choices. … Continue reading

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Cardinal Bertone pushes back against his detractors, as reported here. In a general way, I did mention him last week as part of an episcopacy that is now being openly questioned by all comers. From his letter to dioceses he served: I … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Starts That Procession … Or Stops It

Another first for me. Even after more than thirty years of liturgy and music, I continue to experience novel things. I tapped a young man to lead least night’s Palm Sunday procession (we walk around the church building). But he … Continue reading

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Double Red

I had never heard of this. So they took extra red cells today at the blood drive. I looked over at the tubes and the little centrifuge machine next to my arm. Probably not the best idea, as light-headedness ensued.

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