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Vox Clara Bishop Goes to Bat for the Grail

Heard from a reliable source at the conference this week: one of the Vox Clara bishops has intervened with the CDWDS on their 341 changes for the Grail Psalter. Reportedly some of the changes were wholly out of keeping with … Continue reading

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Conference, Day 2

This was the longest day. Two breakouts on Preparing the Liturgy, two skill sessions on ensemble playing, plus morning prayer and then a fairly delightful organ recital. I polled the folks at my 3:15-4:45 session. Yep, they said, they were … Continue reading

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I’ve had a difficult relationship with my names in my life. Growing up as a boy, my last name was not viewed as terribly masculine. One teacher in my high school, returning a corrected history quiz (0/5) early in my … Continue reading

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Benedict’s I-Team

Pope Benedict names a predictable slate of prelates from high-profile dioceses to the investigation team for Ireland. I suppose if you have to go toe to toe with a cardinal on his questionable behavior, the Bishop of Juneau lacks the … Continue reading

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Excommunication: How Effective A Strategy?

Phoenix bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, depending on where you settle in the Culture War, is either a pro-life hero or a pro-life dupe who should resign. Interesting thread in progress at dotCommonweal. This post is going to be a bit … Continue reading

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More Open

PrayTell linked this blurb on a study of political blogs across left and right. When one gets to the level of single blogs, tendencies tend to break down. It would be easy to find a liberal blog that was close-minded, … Continue reading

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The Weekly Weeknight Mass

My current parish is the second in which I’ve ever lived where the liturgy schedule features one of the weekly Masses regularly scheduled for a weeknight. And it’s big. We draw up to 175 for a 10PM Thursday Night Liturgy … Continue reading

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LTP Offers MR3 Site

Liturgy Training Publications has their Revised Roman Missal site up and running. One interesting feature is “Your Story.” Comments are up for a diocese and a few parishes and what they’re doing. At PrayTell, Fr Anthony Ruff offers this observation: … Continue reading

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Summit Fallout

I’ve caught a few reports from the “outside” as the Irish Bishops’ meeting concluded yesterday. I was surprised that the official reports from Rome seemed to miss the mark on culpability and why the laity are so upset. With charity, … Continue reading

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Pets a Problem?

On the whole, I don’t think so. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Father John Flynn’s commentary “For the Love of Pets.” In the Christian tradition, affection and respect for animals has been considered a sign of sanctity. Cruelty to animals … Continue reading

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Day 3 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2010

(This is Neil) Theme:  Witness through Awareness Text – Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these days? (Luke 24:18) Readings 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Speak, Lord, your servant … Continue reading

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2,010 or 20-10

The question came up on the radio this morning: how are you pronouncing the new year? Two-thousand ten? Twenty-ten?

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A Christmas Wild and Sweet

  Christmas greetings to you readers from our household, humans and pets, to yours. May you all find God’s blessings, wild and sweet, in all the celebrations of faith and family in the season ahead. Let the songs be sung, … Continue reading

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Dress Up

Deacon Greg picks up on the seemingly endless discussion on what to wear to church. I’ve never felt particularly insulted by plummeting dress codes in church–I see it all over. When I walk back from the ISU libbrary, I often … Continue reading

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Musical Ping Pong: It’s An Old Game

I note and commend a newcomer to the blogosphere, Jerry Galipeau. His site, Gotta Sing, Gotta Pray has already drawn the attention of some reform2 musicians. Jerry is an editor with WLP (one of the Big Three or Bad Three, … Continue reading

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