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One Thing At A Time

As I’ve gotten back into flapping my arms in front of a group of singers the past fourteen months, I’ve been scouring the net as well as a library of music publications here in my office. I look for any … Continue reading

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2 Capos

Lots of guitar players have more capos than instruments. Unlike most rock gods, I have only one guitar. So I don’t have multiple instruments in alternate tunings ready to go from the roadie’s hand. Here’s my solution for drop-G tuning … Continue reading

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One of my favorite early American tunes is Resignation. When I was speaking to a customer service contact at WLP/Paluch yesterday, she mentioned that many samples of instrumental music in their catalogue are online, including this fine arrangement by James … Continue reading

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Visions of Andromeda

Some of my listening today: Symphony 48 of Alan Hovhaness. There’s a lot of familiar musical stuff here to the composer’s followers. Perhaps including his interest in astronomy, considering the subtitle: Visions of Andromeda. I wonder if he means the mythological … Continue reading

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Happy 4th With Woodland Sketches

Happy Independence Day to my American friends in the reading audience. I don’t believe I’ve ever linked music of Edward MacDowell before, so here’s something that evokes scenes from three-thousand miles to the east of me, Woodland Sketches. Image credit.

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Too Much Deutero-Isaiah?

Two of the curious comments I read on the CMAA thread discussing my review of Worship 3 were these: One way in which I might want to qualify (Todd’s) claim about depth would be to note a lack of breadth in … Continue reading

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My wife and I were chatting about the musicals we’ve seen over the years. On our honeymoon we saw Les Misérables and I think it was a year after that we saw Phantom. The two gigantic musicals of the 80’s. I … Continue reading

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