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Singing The Mass: What Does It Mean?

In the good ol’ days (the 1980s), singing the Mass was something of a movement. Church musicians were encouraged to look beyond our pre-conciliar inheritance, the four-hymn sandwich. More parishes were singing the Psalm after the first reading. Mass settings … Continue reading

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One of the last music reading sessions I attended a couple seated next to me punctuated sight-singing with comments of ridicule and not-so-stifled laughter. Most octavos had “NIMP” scribbled in big letters. In two hours, I found one or two … Continue reading

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How Long?

Discussion here at PrayTell about the length of an entrance song. I’m more interested in the exit phenomenon. One commenter mentioned the 90-minute spacing between Mass starts, and abbreviated songs allow musicians to have mercy on people stuck in two-way … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor III: Location, Location

  One cantor long ago told me she would never do the psalm from the ambo. As she crossed the center line of the church she didn’t want to be emphasizing the lower part of her trunk as she bowed … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor II: Arm Gestures

One of the modest sins I’ve noticed over the years from various psalmists is a gesture taking place when they are finished singing the psalm verse. Not when the people are supposed to enter the music. It’s a small thing. … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor

I found this thread on the CMAA site which included excellent advice from Liam. Opening the discussion: I have a cantor I need to dismiss from cantoring. Her voice blends fine in a choir, and she is involved with an … Continue reading

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Musical Moment #4: Brandenburg Marathon

Another great concert moment. My first job out of college was in telemarketing, and one of my workmates became a good friend. We shared many interests, including music. In the early 80s I was discovering Baroque music. When the Eastman … Continue reading

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