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On Making Music

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before. I posted this on my parish music ministry’s group page Monday. Little did I realize I would need the inspiration myself … Continue reading

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Little Dulcimer

My little dulcimer has been neglected for many years. It was my third musical instrument, but over the years the hammered version and the piano have overtaken it in use. Even the bass. One problem from the beginning: the tuning … Continue reading

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The Music Of Strangers

The 2016 documentary is on a few streaming platforms. It explores the collaborative project begun more than two decades ago by musical superstar Yo Yo Ma. The focus is on his life and the mostly more tragic and troubled lives … Continue reading

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The Maestra Plays

One of my musical heroes is Katharina Bäuml for her artistry on various reed instruments modern and ancient. Plus her early music ensemble Capella de la Torre for its fabulous blend, interplay, and collaboration. One of my favorite concerts I’ve … Continue reading

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Hamilton On The Stream

My wife thought it was going to be a film, but instead disney+ presents a streaming collage of a number of performances from the Hamilton original cast captured in mid-2016, when the excitement and hype over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical was at … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Pandemic Gloria

Looking to a return to Mass in public, we are getting the first guidance for parish worship from our bishops in Washington state. I dreamed last night that people in the hundreds crashed our “private” livestream recording. It was tense. … Continue reading

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A Man For This Season

If I were a movie producer, one project upon which I would embark is a remake of a film acknowledged to be dreadful. I was deeply moved to see a community theatre production of this many years ago. Only recently … Continue reading

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The Empty Church Sessions

For the moment, I’ll hold off on the political posts on my fb page and let some music stay at the top of the heap. If you happen to be on fb, then you can sign on and check out … Continue reading

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One of my musicians shared a few of his picks with me a few years ago. As we guitarists get older, it can be a handful to hold on to them while playing. In this time of pandemic, my fingertips … Continue reading

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On One World

I caught part of the second half of the tv fundraiser One World: Together at Home this past weekend. I read that over a hundred million was raised for virus relief. That’s a good thing. The young miss was disappointed … Continue reading

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The Role of the Choir

Fr Anthony Ruff posts a comment-worthy essay at PrayTell here. I offered a few brief comments there. But the whole piece sparked some personal reflection on my part. My parish’s music ministry has hit the winter doldrums. It could be … Continue reading

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Singing The Last Song

A parishioner approached me Saturday night, upset. Some preaching was needed from the pulpit, I was told. The message? People should stay to sing all of the last song. My friend said the departure of people should coincide with the … Continue reading

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Pope Francis speaking to the Third International Meeting of Choirs this past Saturday: You are the musical animators of the whole congregation. Don’t take its place, depriving the people of God of the chance to sing with you and bear … Continue reading

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La Guadalupana

One of my favorite story songs for this week’s feast. Plus, “Arrest and Separation” by Arturo Cambron:

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Scramble For Christmas Programming

I don’t usually gossip about current parishes. But it’s going to be an interesting one this year, halfway through construction with lots of distractions on the side. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow night will be the second-last full rehearsal … Continue reading

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