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Reconciliation Lectionary: Hosea 14:2-10

As we progress through the season of Lent, many of the readings proclaimed are also found in the Rite of Penance. Tomorrow’s first reading is one of them. Some prophets were too young, one was branded on the lips, and one … Continue reading

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Into Silence

In many previous Lents, I’ve left the car radio dial alone. cd player too. It’s an offshoot of my longtime practice of heading home from retreat in a silent car. This year, too, but with an addition. I’ve always been … Continue reading

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Old Creole Days

I was reacquainting myself with some of the music of Ferde Grofé. I have a Naxos disk of three of his “American” suites: Mississippi, Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls. I love the orchestration as well as the chromatic tunefulness of “Old … Continue reading

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Exit Concubines, Enter One Singin’ Coat

Several months ago I began the book of Genesis as a source for my daily practice of lectio divina. One of my staff colleagues suggested it when I was close to completing Mark’s Gospel and mentioned I was considering Old Testament … Continue reading

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Sampling the Music Scene

Jeffrey Tucker calms down and pulls back from his elation on Tuesday: Fixing this fixes nearly everything. And today: There are two errors to correct in the news that Bishop Alexander K. Sample is headed to Portland, Oregon. The first … Continue reading

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Christmas Music: Lauda per la Natività del Signore

Ottorino Respighi’s cantata, Praise for the Lord’s Nativity, is a delightful piece for chorus and three soloists, accompanied by a small wind ensemble, and piano four hands. Listen to it here. His wife Elsa sang the role of Mary at … Continue reading

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Advent Music: “Legends of St Nicholas”

I suppose I could have posted this a week ago Thursday. But the observance of Saint Nicholas is entwined with Advent and Christmas both, so I’m sure it’s not that much of a problem to suggest giving Anonymous 4 a … Continue reading

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Advent Music: Alma Redemptoris Mater

Alma Redemptoris Mater, quae pervia caeli Porta manes, et stella maris, succurre cadenti, Surgere qui curat, populo: tu quae genuisti, Natura mirante, tuum sanctum Genitorem Virgo prius ac posterius, Gabrielis ab ore Sumens illud Ave, peccatorum miserere. Two versions. First, … Continue reading

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Dave Brubeck

A sad day for this loss. CNS posted a nice feature from 1996. This was one of the most moving moments I’ve ever seen on television. And it shows a bit of God’s grace working with the great soul of … Continue reading

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Advent Music: “Celestial Gate”

Luke Hill at dotCommonweal makes a case for a very wide musical Advent/Christmas. I can’t refute it. At my house, there is considerable variety in listening tastes as well as film viewing (Christmases in Connecticut, Canaan, and lots of other … Continue reading

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Sing With Thanksgiving

A portion (7-11) of Psalm 147 for Thanksgiving Day: Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make melody to our God on the lyre. He covers the heavens with clouds, prepares rain for the earth, makes grass grow on the hills. … Continue reading

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Saint John Vianney has a marvelous quote appropriate for November, for thoughts of pilgrimage and the inevitable death that awaits each of us before we reach the final stage: Our home is—Heaven. On earth we are like travelers staying in … Continue reading

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In between liturgies this afternoon, I enjoyed the Iowa State production of Candide. I was familiar with the overture, which was very competently done by a 32-piece orchestra that played from the rear of the stage. Leonard Bernstein’s music for … Continue reading

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Old Pianos

When I was a lad, I wanted a piano more than anything I could think of. Well, I wanted globes of all the planets, but they only made Earth and Moon circa 1970. Instead of a piano, my parents got … Continue reading

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Sarah To Orbit

Jodie Foster’s character conceded, “They should have sent a poet.” Will a singer do? I wonder if they’ll dispense with the missoin control wake-up music and have Ms Brightman sing for her supper. Can she sing it like Diana?

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