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Magnificent River

One of my favorite musicians is bassist Patrick O’Hearn. A few of his albums have passed onto and off my shelf over the years. Or is that into and out of my cd player? My wife doesn’t like his music … Continue reading

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Sorrowful Songs in the Cathedral

I’m surprised I’ve never blogged on this before, Henryk Gorecki’s Third Symphony. I have the best-selling version with Dawn Upshaw on cd, which still is the finest version of the ones I’ve heard. Recently I stumbled across this one on … Continue reading

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St Teresa, Higher Than The Moon

One of my favorite singers singing one of her lesser known songs. Ms Osborne sings a lot of soul standards–you can catch many of her capable covers on YouTube. This is from her breakout cd, Relish. It’s a collective writing … Continue reading

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Pines of the Janiculum

It’s been over six years since I last enjoyed a live performance of Pines of Rome. What a concept for an orchestral piece: pine trees in four locations around the Eternal City. The thrilling opening movement and the pounding passion … Continue reading

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Roll Over

Chuck Berry wrote it. The Beatles recorded it. But my exposure to the ELO cover in the 70’s sticks in my mind. My brother was really big into this band. I heard they blew the roof off with their concert … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, With Mountains

When I think of American mountains, blue-green majesty is more what comes to mind. Two musical pieces to intersperse with your bands, anthems, and fireworks: From Paul Winter’s Missa Gaia, “The Blue Green Hills of Earth.” Alan Hovhaness’ Symphony number … Continue reading

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Giving Up Everything

The young miss is not as much of a music hound as I am. We have a few overlaps in what we like. I still haven’t got Raising Sand back from her. Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily is also at the bottom of her room … Continue reading

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