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My wife and I were chatting about the musicals we’ve seen over the years. On our honeymoon we saw Les Misérables and I think it was a year after that we saw Phantom. The two gigantic musicals of the 80’s. I … Continue reading

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There Is No Full Moon Tonight

I don’t know who started this meme. A few friends on my facebook feed have insisted that today, a Friday the 13th, we have a full moon. It just happened in 2014 and doesn’t occur again till 2049. Transits of Mercury are … Continue reading

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Surfing around while I was waiting for the timing to be right on running an errand for the young miss, I found this discussion thread aptly named. Back at the student center, I was exposed to young people who had … Continue reading

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Astronomers in Music

I’ve long been aware of Garrett Fisher’s opera Stargazer, which presents the confrontation of Galileo and Church authorities. This piece from the production illustrates the composer’s style with voice and instruments. Others are on YouTube, I noticed. Four years before … Continue reading

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Rehearsal By Card

Adapting to ministry in my new parish has been a personal challenge. Seven months now of listening most carefully to musicians, especially singers. As for rehearsals, I would take for granted the notion of warming up. But I find that … Continue reading

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Frederic’s Folly

This day tripped up a young pirate and his love: I bound myself to serve the pirate captain Until I reached my one-and-twentieth birthday … Some countries have legal provisions for those born on Leap Day. Otherwise you’ll have to … Continue reading

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The Innocence Mission

So often I find I’m late to the party on good new music. There’s little to be found on commercial radio. But not none. Sometimes I listen to a series of songs on YouTube and find myself noticing that right-hand … Continue reading

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