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Rehearsal By Card

Adapting to ministry in my new parish has been a personal challenge. Seven months now of listening most carefully to musicians, especially singers. As for rehearsals, I would take for granted the notion of warming up. But I find that … Continue reading

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Frederic’s Folly

This day tripped up a young pirate and his love: I bound myself to serve the pirate captain Until I reached my one-and-twentieth birthday … Some countries have legal provisions for those born on Leap Day. Otherwise you’ll have to … Continue reading

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The Innocence Mission

So often I find I’m late to the party on good new music. There’s little to be found on commercial radio. But not none. Sometimes I listen to a series of songs on YouTube and find myself noticing that right-hand … Continue reading

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The Passing of Heroes

Not just mine, but other people’s. And even people I don’t consider as heroes. My brother passed around on facebook a meme or two that expressed a certain wishfulness about David Bowie and Glenn Frey and a certain reality-tv clan, … Continue reading

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Early Instruments and Voices

Jordi Savall has an extensive schedule of recording and giving concerts. Many of the latter are available on YouTube, including this one from 1998 I hadn’t heard. I enjoy the creative mix of instruments and voices a bit more than … Continue reading

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Long Exposure

A dotCommonweal essayist mentions reading an author’s entire output of novels over a year. Interesting. Earlier this year, I reviewed Antonín Dvořák’s last three symphonies a few times, listening consecutively over an evening or afternoon. Last month, I planned to spend some time … Continue reading

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The Wexford Carol

The verse for the 24th: The night before that happy tide The noble Virgin and her guide Were long time seeking up and down To find a lodging in the town But mark right well what came to pass From … Continue reading

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