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Graceland or Saints

Paul Simon has been one of my favorite artists for decades. He fascinates as it strikes me he produces more fabulous music the more he collaborates with others. His duets with Art Garfunkel certainly have resonance with the 60’s/70’s listeners. … Continue reading

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How Firm, American Music

For your listening enjoyment: Virgil Thomson’s Symphony on a Hymn Tune. The main theme is the music most of us match to “How Firm A Foundation.” But there are other hymns mixed in, this I know. There’s an interesting description … Continue reading

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Some Easter Music

After Ottorino Respighi married Elsa Olivieri-Sangiacomo, a singer and chant scholar, themes of early music found their way into his compositions. See if you can detect some Easter music in his violin concerto here. And even without the clear influences … Continue reading

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A Golden Thought on Psalmody

From the mouth of John Chrysostom: Every time the Christian people apply themselves to the recitation of the Psalms they become like a lyre ready to vibrate under the hand of the Holy Spirit, who touches the most profound chords … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: A Natural History of the Piano

Stuart Isacoff’s book–I could call this a biography–is a hugely enjoyable read. Great combo of historical information, personal testimony of artists and by artists, and the occasional supporting illustration. Mr Isacoff starts with the ancient history of the instrument, early … Continue reading

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Lenten Reflections: Arevakal

Often missed in the blizzard of symphonies Alan Hovhaness composed are various works for orchestra not labeled “symphony,” but which to my ear, don’t sound much different from them. You can hear an early Hovhaness work, his first concerto for … Continue reading

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Music From Our Sea

There is an enormous wealth of fabulous music online. Much is not readily available in recorded form–concerts and such. I’m disinclined to hero worship as readers here know. About the closest I get is my admiration for the fine musician … Continue reading

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