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Real Versus Virtual

The family and I enjoyed a nice day trip to Mount Rainier today. We didn’t get home too late, and I was hoping to download some of my images to share here and on another social media platform. It’s really … Continue reading

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Years On, 5, 12, 32, 48

My wife reminded me that five years ago today, we left Iowa in the rear-view for the Pacific Northwest. What a five years it has been. Looking back on the closest thing I have to a diary, the personal posts … Continue reading

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It’s A Puzzle

It’s not just a pandemic thing. Every so often, I renew a hobby from my childhood. A Christmas gift from the young miss was finally tackled in Lent. Gambit was of no help. He loves the puzzle cloth when spread … Continue reading

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It Was … The Soap!

A most minor covid-19 casualty: the skin on my hands. Spots, pink patches, mild itchiness. They can’t say I’m not washing. My fingerprint recognition doesn’t work on my phone these days. They changed out the soap at the parish two … Continue reading

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Furlowed In Exile

The young miss was told her work establishment is shutting down for the next two weeks. Her mom is on the last legs of a bronchitis spell, so we will see who has more cabin fever when I get home … Continue reading

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Streaming In Exile

The Best Buy was weirdly quiet today. I saw people entering and leaving. But inside, it was like people had all disappeared. It was borderline creepy. I bought my streaming stick and left. It was relatively painless to set it … Continue reading

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More Adventures in Cardiology

Kids grow up but heart conditions remain. We’re off to the University of Washington in a bit for the young miss and her annual check-up. Iowa’s four-hour drive to Kansas City has been replaced by a ferry trip across Puget … Continue reading

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Last week, the young miss and I journeyed across the Puget Sound for a day in Everett. The single highlight for me was a visit to the Nishiyama Japanese Garden adjacent to the community college. I found it a peaceful … Continue reading

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The Winter of 2019

image credit We’ve had a significant run of snow in the Pacific Northwest the past several days. It actually feels like a Midwest or Eastern experience: school called off, structures collapsing from the weight of wet snow, shelters opening wide, … Continue reading

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Coverage of the Sun

Put up earlier on my facebook page. Getting ourselves set up on the side porch. The young miss with NASA tv on the laptop. My half-broken binoculars projecting the sun’s image onto a clothing box: My guess is that we … Continue reading

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Catholics ♥ @ Liturgy

The “day” of that “saint” was getting some mention today at Mass and online. Just a reminder that liturgists have a “heart” day, too. The third Friday after Pentecost. Today was the First Sunday of Lent. If you press things … Continue reading

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A number of veterans in my family: older brother, a few uncles, and even a niece served in the Coast Guard. My father is pictured, right.

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Sounders 2-1

The young miss and I ferried to Seattle to watch our first Sounders game. Not an MLS contest, but a CONCACAF Champions League match against a team from Tegucigalpa, Honduras–CD Olimpia. The whole late afternoon and evening was magical in … Continue reading

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Good-byes and Busy

Light live blogging ahead. The family’s westward expansion begins tomorrow. There are three daily posts in the active series: Laudato Si’, Dives in Misericordiae, and the month of Saint Ignatius–these are written and scheduled for the next five mornings. While … Continue reading

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Knocked off a twelve-hour day today on top of ten yesterday. That title I feel deeply. But after a shower and fresh clothes tonight and a loaded trailer (thanks to friends stopping by throughout the day) I’m nearly horizontal now … Continue reading

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