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My wife greeted me with “Happy Anniversary!” this morning. “Anni” is not operative, truly. It’s been 225 months, 75 seasons, 18.75 years. WordPress sent me 8th anniversary greetings, too. I don’t follow those commemorations as closely. It will be ten … Continue reading

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My sister was married 32 years ago today. There was no happy-ever-after ending, as she had hoped. My brother-in-law got into serious substance abuse and legal trouble. Divorce followed. Many years later, after he found the grace of sobriety, he … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts

When I read Archbishop Cupich’s thought on war: His role as pastor doesn’t fit with the “so-called culture wars” over various issues either, he said. “That’s a term we as pastors don’t want to be associated with. I don’t think … Continue reading

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A Few Surprises

On the drive from the airport last Wednesday, my brother detoured us through our old neighborhood. A few things surprised me. First, the trees are back. When we moved into our house in 1967, the street was shaded by several … Continue reading

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Best Flight

It was largely rainy from Iowa to Chicago today. But the plane ride from there to Rochester was one of the best times I’ve ever had in the air. I was watching two Michigans, first the lake, then the state. … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

Late tomorrow morning, I plan to be sitting in a plane flying to Chicago. Then a bit later, a different aircraft heading for the south shore of Lake Ontario. Posting might continue semi-regularly for the next nine days. Or I … Continue reading

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More Adoption Shortsightedness

More blindness on the adoption front. So what if the supply of infants has dried up. There are still hundreds of thousands of girls and boys in foster care in this country. One would think that a church with such … Continue reading

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