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The Saturday Wedding Question

The young miss wasn’t interested in the finer liturgical point I was attempting. She had been told (by someone who shall remain nameless) that a Saturday wedding counts for the Sunday obligation. (They did have the Gloria, per MR3.) When … Continue reading

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The young miss had some stomach upset yesterday. This has been a long and demanding school year for her. From the low of losing one of her pets Monday to birthday Tuesday, it wasn’t a total surprise that on top … Continue reading

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17, Just

The young miss wanted to open birthday cards and presents at 6:15AM. I pulled this up from YouTube. And I was thinking back to this dance episode from many, many years ago: I didn’t ask her why she was wearing … Continue reading

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Since my big-loss diet of almost two years ago, I’ve enjoyed being lighter. But I’ve also struggled with the aftermath: putting some pounds back on and taking them off again, confronting my pattern to eat to soothe myself, watching when … Continue reading

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Dodging Tornadoes in Iowa

Oklahoma got the brunt of funnel clouds I see. While we were watching The King’s Speech tonight, the sirens went off in town. Heavy winds and rain, but nothing to pluck us off to Oz. Unbeknownst to my wife and … Continue reading

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RIP, Pip

It’s one of the sad duties of a parent to dig a grave for a pet. After she got home from school this afternoon, the young miss found Pip dead in his home. He chirped for his breakfast this morning, … Continue reading

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First May Snow In Five Decades

Earlier this week, I was thinking Friday would be a good day to tune up the mower, set out the deck furniture, and maybe even fire up the grill. A few days ago I set out our extra litter boxes … Continue reading

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Metusael or Methusael?

Sorry for the two consecutive posts on the young miss, but here goes … About a half-hour after she went to bed tonight, she emerged from her room, pointing to Genesis 4:18 in the Bible she received yesterday after Confirmation, … Continue reading

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The young miss, after Confirmation yesterday, chocolate in hand. It was a happy accident that she picked a green dress, gave a green scarf to her sponsor who was wearing a dress with green. Confirmation name: Hildegard. Viriditas!

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Hildegard in the Family

I’m not a fan of the practice of taking a confirmation name. I have “Andrew,” the first apostle and my boyhood parish’s patron. But I didn’t know better in ’72. The young miss settled on Hildegard. I approve of that. … Continue reading

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On The Road, Again

Hitting the road in a few hours. The young miss gets a cardiology check-up in Kansas City twice a year, and tomorrow morning is the first of these in 2013. That these fall during the school year is a slight … Continue reading

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“Walking Miracle”

The post title is how the doctors in Florida described my sister-in-law. I want to thank all those who prayed for her and for my wife and our family. It looked very bleak on Good Friday: taking her off the … Continue reading

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Weathering The Monopolies

Last night, I almost exhausted myself shovelling a walking path to the street. Ames got ten inches yesterday, but the drift in front of the house was well over a foot. I expected the schools to be open. I wanted … Continue reading

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Winter Descends

The much-anticipated/dreaded blizzard has struck Iowa tonight. We had some thunder and lightning with the snow. That last bit was freaky. The entire family has been holed up inside today. Despite two-thirds of us getting flu shots, we were all … Continue reading

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Teen Daughters Are Mysteries

Lately, I’ve been tapping into my assessment from forty years ago that female teens were intimidating, strange, and just a cause for worry. These days, I just can’t figure them out. Tuesday I asked the young miss, “It’s the last … Continue reading

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