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New Cat

I can’t recall if I’ve posted an image of him in the several weeks since his relocation to our home. Here is Tanner, the little sir:

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This little one has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. He’s lost some weight over the past few months. Our vet was encouraging, though. He’s had no side effects, and in fact, seems to be tolerating food a good bit … Continue reading

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“I can help.”

My little buddy always comes to hang out with me when the puzzle gets rolled out. It’s not the fabric so much, and probably not the pieces.

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The Cat on Mars

I don’t think the new Webb Telescope has Mars in its sights. Gambit does. however. He’s happy the project is completed, I think. He’s been carefully monitoring progress all along: Even from the first pieces, like this center of a … Continue reading

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Surprise Snow

Birds chirping and chowing on seeds. Gambit watching. And perhaps not so surprising for April in Minnesota …

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No Help

The tendency of humans to attribute human intent to non-human behavior: can I help? The real motivation, a mid-morning nap: I had been looking forward to this puzzle, but it is proving quite challenging. And I haven’t even gotten to … Continue reading

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“I Can Help”

“You didn’t really want to scale the cliffs of Yosemite, did you?” I guess not.

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A Bathing Platform, Sort Of

Not really helpful on his part. The black cloth is warmer and more comforting than when the human puts the little bits of cardboard on it.

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Rainy Morning

The other cat hid with pre-dawn thunderstorms, but Miranda wasn’t bothered. Significant rain continues in Minnesota, but how much will be needed to salve the severe drought?

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Not Puzzled

It’s not just about the soft cloth that I use for puzzles. Gambit seems to relax on top of pieces, assembled or otherwise.

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Balms Not Palms

There is a balm in stay-at-home: pets at play; even the eleven-year-old gets into his inner kitten with a shopping bag listening to jazz, a lot of it opening the blinds early and wide time for daily prayer and exercise … Continue reading

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Gambit’s Advent Pageant

This past Tuesday’s first reading included verse 7c from Isaiah 11: … the lion shall eat hay like the ox. Or was it, “The cat shall eat hay like the guinea pig”?

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Pets At Rest

The cats like the young miss’s bedroom in the afternoon. It’s the brightest room in the home–the one side of the building without trees. Me, I like trees. But Gambit and Ginny like otherwise …

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Notice the floor plan of the trailer sitting at the end of my driveway next to the house, right. lol. My friend Dan commented about “playing tetris” with the boxes of various sizes. Thanks to some muscle from him and … Continue reading

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Gambit Roots For Spurs

White cat sticks close to White Hart Lane as Harry Kane lifts his side to the top of North London. Swans versus Black Cats next.

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