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Balms Not Palms

There is a balm in stay-at-home: pets at play; even the eleven-year-old gets into his inner kitten with a shopping bag listening to jazz, a lot of it opening the blinds early and wide time for daily prayer and exercise … Continue reading

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Gambit’s Advent Pageant

This past Tuesday’s first reading included verse 7c from Isaiah 11: … the lion shall eat hay like the ox. Or was it, “The cat shall eat hay like the guinea pig”?

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Pets At Rest

The cats like the young miss’s bedroom in the afternoon. It’s the brightest room in the home–the one side of the building without trees. Me, I like trees. But Gambit and Ginny like otherwise …

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Notice the floor plan of the trailer sitting at the end of my driveway next to the house, right. lol. My friend Dan commented about “playing tetris” with the boxes of various sizes. Thanks to some muscle from him and … Continue reading

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Gambit Roots For Spurs

White cat sticks close to White Hart Lane as Harry Kane lifts his side to the top of North London. Swans versus Black Cats next.

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Ginny Approves of the Premier League

“… but why aren’t we tuned to Hull City or Sunderland?” Swansea versus Sunderland tomorrow. Looking forward …

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Ellie Evolved

“Two million years ago, I would have been the size of a cow. Now look at me!”

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I like pets. My wife attributes human characteristics from time to time. I think some of it is animal instinct. With cats, I wonder if I’m the one getting house-trained. What do you make of these images? Gambit has found … Continue reading

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Friday Festivities

Emerged from the home mid-afternoon yesterday to brave shopping and get a bite to eat. Upon arrival back home, the young miss was napping on the floor during Inspector Lewis and Gambit was left to wonder why we weren’t playing … Continue reading

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Settler of Cat-an

The young miss coaching Gambit on game strategy. He doesn’t think much of the resources of this game. Who needs ore, wool, grain, lumber or bricks? Where are the mice, birds, buttermilk, catnip, and tuna? Ah! Those dice.

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Hay, It’s the Cat

New pet Rosalind (named for the dark gray thirteenth moon of Uranus) entertains a guest in her apartment. We’ve had cats that have behaved like dogs. Gambit is the first to nibble hay like a rabbit. His host doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Meet Rosalind

The newest family pet. My wife and daughter collect rescue animals. I get to name them. Rosalind is also one of the inner moons of Uranus. Dark gray, like the bunny. I thought that fit. She’s very soft. My wife … Continue reading

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Follow The String

Part of my training as a pet companion is to notice when a meal is required. Gambit makes this easy for me. All I have to do is follow the string to the empty dish, you see. He does this … Continue reading

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Ginny Recovering

Our last pet from Missouri has been vomiting and suffering nausea. It could have been the heat. The vet thought she was a touch dehydrated yesterday. She’s been gulping down wet science diet food without incident the past twenty-four hours. … Continue reading

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Break in the Heat

High in the 80’s the next few days in central Iowa. Whew! Today’s high was 93; heat index 103. The cats look dead, but they’re just resting. Every minute or two one of them twitches a tail. I had the … Continue reading

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