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Halloween War Spreads Abroad

Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski of Lodz enters the War on Halloween: Parents and teachers should protect youngsters against its images of terror and dread, especially when many already associate it with the cult of Satan. Halloween costume traditions aren’t all that … Continue reading

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War on Atheists and New Alliances

Amused, dismayed, but not surprised about South Carolina atheists being turned away from volunteering at a soup kitchen. Eve Brannon: I told them we wouldn’t wear our T-shirts. We wouldn’t tell anyone who we are with. We just want to … Continue reading

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The Spotlight on Honduras

America continues a raft of recent coverage of Honduras with an aptly titled “Sin and Grace …” piece on the blog today. Our faith community’s sister parish is in the mountainous region of western Honduras. So this is a bit … Continue reading

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War on Halloween

In the expression of military genius that we call the culturewar, the Christians strike back. Some of them, anyway. Commentary at First Things here, basically suggesting it’s time to chill, like a cold autumn night. Does the opposition to Halloween … Continue reading

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Pakistan: One Nation, One Blood

A hopeful story from Pakistan, at the location where over one-hundred Pakistanis died last Sunday in an attack outside a Christian church. Mohammad Jibran Nasir, organized human chain outside St Anthony’s Church in Lahore. He said: Well the terrorists showed … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Monster Trumps Evolution

I surfed to this piece from RNS which noted that one creationism textbook cited the Loch Ness Monster as an example of a dinosaur that didn’t go extinct. I would love to see that textbook section. Especially given that plesiosaurs … Continue reading

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War on Halloween?

Don’t look now, but another culturewar front is developing, at least in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Inglewood Elementary School principal Orlando Taylor wrote a note including this: Some holidays observed in the community that are considered by many to be secular … Continue reading

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Some Disorders

Catholics fret about the hierarchy. In centuries past, perhaps Catholics were more oblivious to the array of bishops and cardinals above them. Even the pope. Today punditry of all sorts focuses on them from all angles. A bishop from a rural … Continue reading

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Pulling the Plug on Religion Field Trips

I thought the fallout described in this story was entirely predictable. Do you think complaining parents are ready to have Muslim and Hindu prayers take a turn at school functions? As is often the case, young people seem to have … Continue reading

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Providence’s Bishop Thomas Tobin’s interview included this aside in a response to another question: The other thing I want to say though, is that I’m a little bit disappointed in Pope Francis that he hasn’t, at least that I’m aware … Continue reading

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USCCB Stands Up To Temple Police

Finally. Somebody stands up to the detractors. Bishops have basically told LifeSiteNews to shush: The U.S. Catholic bishops stand firmly behind CRS in its commitment to promote and defend human dignity and the sacredness of every human life from the … Continue reading

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Polls Not Posts

I had no time for a quick post or two yesterday morning, and the energy for only one last night. (Hence the switch for RS and GMD–as of today I’ll be posting on evangelization in the American morning, and dropping … Continue reading

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Shame For Bishops

Bishop Robert Lynch didn’t mince words when talking about the prospect of war, including a serious lament for what transpired a decade ago: I am ashamed to say that the Catholic Church in the United States sadly gave President George … Continue reading

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From Fury

There is no fury like conservatives scorned. I sampled the start of Joseph Bottum’s essay, and some of the comments here and there especially. To be accurate, it’s really a trait of human nature, not just conservatives. The fury, I … Continue reading

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Three times in the past few hours. I don’t know if that’s serendipity or dumb luck or coincidence. I’ve run across this word today, “respect” in a live conversation, a telephone chat, and online, too. Maybe that’s an urging to … Continue reading

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