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Secret Salaries

I’ve noticed some of the hand-wringing about the Sony email hacking is about the publication of salaries. I think it used to be considered gauche to tell how much people earned. I was in a parish where the pastor was … Continue reading

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It wasn’t quite true that the conservative blogosphere was totally school-silent about those American sisters getting that high-B from Rome. At dotCommonweal, Mollie Wilson O’Reilly scratches a bit on two familiar names. Ex-Catholic Rod Dreher, unhinged now and then since … Continue reading

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On Cuba

Pope Francis expresses joy. Senator Marco Rubio needs a napkin. And maybe a civics lesson in the difference between an executive branch and a legislative branch of government. Looks like the ranks of the Catholic Confused just expanded by one. … Continue reading

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On Death and Culture

Let me say I am not a proponent of suicide, assisted or otherwise. Still, the case of Brittany Maynard intrigues me. My sense is that when a person faces death condemnation serves little or no purpose. Benjamin Corey’s insistence the … Continue reading

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Election Day!

Parent pride: the young miss joins me at the precinct to serve as an election official for the second shift. The county auditor’s office assigned us five people serving their first election. I won’t be the youngest at the voting … Continue reading

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When Loud Is Bad, Even When It Tries To Be Good

Much is made of the apparent fading influence of religion in the public square. I think I’ve read about it on dotCommonweal, RNS, and maybe one or two conservative sites. I think one reason a lot of religious conservatives might … Continue reading

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War Is … Fill In The Blank

Evangelical conservatives are feeling the woes. I don’t get it. You fight a war, under any circumstances, and there will be at least one loser. (Usually both sides lose, but that’s fodder for another post.) A person who wages real … Continue reading

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