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Bathroom Wars

Just when I thought the culturewar was done, the public restroom seems to have replaced the public property nativity scene as the new battlefront. I confess I don’t get it. And I say that as father of a daughter, husband … Continue reading

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The Morning After

I had trouble falling asleep last night. I think, or rather hope, it was more because of a lingering nasty flu than the political news I was following yesterday. I finally drifted off between coughs about 4am. But given the wild … Continue reading

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No Trump, Not Not Trump

I post less on politics these days. Certainly not because I lack interest. Not because I’ve moved on from a state with fairly deep political sensibilities. Really, it’s more because I believe more in local politics. And since few of my … Continue reading

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14th Amendment

The political posts on facebook keep coming. I noticed this week that a few haters of a certain politician were going bananas on her comment regarding the rights of the unborn. For people in my country, the matter in question is … Continue reading

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The New Catholic/GOP PC

My fb feed page was awash in political stuff earlier this year, especially from my friends in my former state who had an interest in this event. The politics have ramped up again recently. Suddenly some people seem concerned about a … Continue reading

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Some ‘Splaining

On fb, my friend Joyce referenced this Amy Welborn essay, “Against Popesplaining.” If you go, warning: it’s long. I was struck by the liturgical bit referencing: … a Vatican website that used to feature the liturgical season on its splash page, … Continue reading

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Cookies and Lawyers

My fb feed had this link from St Louis referencing this letter. My sense is that it’s imprudent for a number of reasons, and not just because I like that box of thin mints in my freezer. A few years … Continue reading

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