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On Death and Culture

Let me say I am not a proponent of suicide, assisted or otherwise. Still, the case of Brittany Maynard intrigues me. My sense is that when a person faces death condemnation serves little or no purpose. Benjamin Corey’s insistence the … Continue reading

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Election Day!

Parent pride: the young miss joins me at the precinct to serve as an election official for the second shift. The county auditor’s office assigned us five people serving their first election. I won’t be the youngest at the voting … Continue reading

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When Loud Is Bad, Even When It Tries To Be Good

Much is made of the apparent fading influence of religion in the public square. I think I’ve read about it on dotCommonweal, RNS, and maybe one or two conservative sites. I think one reason a lot of religious conservatives might … Continue reading

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War Is … Fill In The Blank

Evangelical conservatives are feeling the woes. I don’t get it. You fight a war, under any circumstances, and there will be at least one loser. (Usually both sides lose, but that’s fodder for another post.) A person who wages real … Continue reading

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Praying From A Psalter

With desire and longing on my mind in my own spiritual journey, I turn to the psalms these days, especially psalms of longing. Psalm 62 I chose for a staff meeting this morning, which included: Wait, my soul, silent for … Continue reading

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Another Fired Employee

I have a hard time mustering what to say about church employees being fired for announcing engagements to people of the same sex, being pregnant outside of marriage or normal conception activity. The truth is that many of us sign … Continue reading

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Fulton Sheen: From Venerable To Limbo

Somewhere between New York and Peoria, a train to sainthood has derailed. Central Illinois blames the Big Apple. There was high optimism: There was every indication that a possible date for beatification in Peoria would have been scheduled for as early … Continue reading

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