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Rites For the Assisted

RNS linked this interview with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa. While I can appreciate the passion and frustration of a pastor dealing with people who are dying, a few cautions surfaced for me. One was liturgical: (A person who requests … Continue reading

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More to Anoint More of the Sick

Apparently Rita Ferrone’s anointing post got “picked up” at dotCommonweal. Yesterday’s post was more about poking at conservative Catholics putting their brains and truth-telling on hold to spit out the notion at PrayTell. Tonight I’d like to give my opinion … Continue reading

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How Catholics Discuss New Ideas

An interesting, but not a novel proposal to examine the possibility of extraordinary ministers for anointing of the sick. Rita Ferrone is surfacing an idea floated elsewhere by John Ziegler and James Empereur in decades past. But perhaps it belongs … Continue reading

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Anointing for Mental Illness

I follow Fr Edward McNamara’s weekly liturgy Q&A feature on Zenit. Even if I disagree with his response (which I do this week) I have to admit the guy is willing to engage some of those who write to him. … Continue reading

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Anointing Palms Down

A retired priest was in line for Anointing of the Sick. He presented his hands palms down for anointing. The parishioners behind him noticed, and figured the clergy must know best, so the whole line presented themselves for anointing backhanded. … Continue reading

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Anointing: Not So Easily Categorized

It is a feature of post-conciliar catechesis to subdivide the seven sacraments into three neat categories: initiation, healing, and vocation. If one looks at the surface, it makes sense to group Baptism-Confirmation-Eucharist as the liminal event that completes one’s initiation … Continue reading

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PCS 299-305: Rite of Penance for the Sick and Dying

The PCS has one appendix. It deals with the Rite of Reconciliation of Individual Penitents. 299. This form for celebrating the sacrament of penance is for use when it is necessary in the following cases: during communion of the sick; … Continue reading

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