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On Acronyms

I recall planning a visit to a midwestern friend in 1983. She was in law school, and I had just quit a dead-end job and had enough money to make a pilgrimage through the spare rooms of family and friends … Continue reading

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For the elect preparing for baptism, Lent coincides with their period of Purification and Enlightenment. You can read about the basic considerations here, and don’t forget the Church sees this time of “intense spiritual preparation”  as a vital season in … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Entry Into a Year-Long Catechumenate

My parish’s RCIA director has two people new to the Church entering the catechumenate this weekend. We will celebrate the Rite of Acceptance, always one of my favorite rituals, at 10:30 Mass tomorrow. These folks will be in the catechumenate … Continue reading

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Adapting Catechumenate Rites

A recent comment from Ashwin Acharya got me thinking. His post begs the question: why is a school and not a parish conducting RCIA? He has an intriguing plan for students: (S)everal teenage students will be receiving the Sacraments of … Continue reading

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Choice of a Baptismal Day

I was noticing up-and-coming blogger, atheist-converted-Catholic Leah Libresco posted on her baptism yesterday. I’m always curious about the choice of a day for adult baptism when it’s off the liturgical year. The Church strongly urges Easter Vigil, of course. It … Continue reading

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Acceptance: The Cycle Begins Again

It was a bonus to come to a parish four years ago that did a year-round catechumenate. What’s that, you ask? Simply that we are focused on evangelization and welcoming twelve months a year. Not just in the Fall. And … Continue reading

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GDC 88-89: “The baptismal catechumenate: structure and progression”

Nothing really new for those involved in RCIA, or those who followed our analysis of it here on this site. The emphasis of the GDC is on a careful progression for those initiated into the Church: 88. Faith, moved by … Continue reading

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