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On Some Wisconsin Baptisms

I notice that the Diocese of Madison issued a press release last Friday to inform the general public about its practice of baptizing children of same-sex couples. A priest I know (in another diocese), when he was requested to preside at such … Continue reading

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1 of 32 Baptisms

I was reading of Pope Francis’ baptism liturgy yesterday. Of the 64 parents, all were married, but only 62 under Church auspices. Cue the wringing of hands. I can see this is a problem for some, as I review a … Continue reading

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Treating Baptism

Baptism is a responsibility for anyone who chooses it. Converts, committed Christians, and even parents and godparents. Pope Francis has some thoughts today that struck me: As he has done on a couple of occasions before, the Pope asked those … Continue reading

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Baptism at Sunday Eucharist

From the East balcony, a view over our narthex and the Rite of Baptism as celebrated at a recent Sunday Mass. What’s interesting is that over the past fourteen years, no young person or anybody else for that matter, needs … Continue reading

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Baptisms In Lent

I noticed that the question came up in Zenit’s weekly liturgy Q&A column. Fr McNamara’s assessment, after quoting the relevant documents: Therefore, there is no universal rule that would forbid the practice of baptism during Lent. However, given that Lent … Continue reading

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RBC 30-31: Adapting for Other Circumstances

With this post, we conclude our look at the introduction to the RBC. Some local adaptations are described: 30. If baptism is celebrated during Mass on weekdays, it is arranged in basically the same way as on Sunday, but the … Continue reading

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RBC 29: Adapting for Sunday Mass

Let’s look at Baptism during Sunday Mass. Remember that after the Easter vigil, Sunday is the preferred day for baptism, either at Mass or outside of it. I had not noted this adaptation, that during Ordinary Time or Christmas, you … Continue reading

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