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Marriage Recognitio Forthcoming

I heard from my diocesan liturgy director that Rome’s approval of the new Rites for Confirmation and Marriage are expected any day now. (They can do that without a CDWDS head? Arthur Roche must be working hard till the new … Continue reading

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Nuptial Acclamation

I saw this link on Rocco’s Twitter feed about the use of the Sunday feast’s readings for Pope Francis’ “Nuptial” Mass. I don’t have a problem with that: a focus on Christ, the Cross, and his sacrifice is very apt … Continue reading

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About Those Couples

Twenty couples will exchange marital vows Sunday, witnessed by Pope Francis. CNS has a feature story on it. I sure hope not too much is made of the falling skies of various situations of some of the couples: cohabiting, children, … Continue reading

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Serving At Their Own Wedding

I just met with a remarkable engaged couple earlier today. They asked about serving at Mass in some way. Since they were both Communion Ministers as students here, I assumed that’s what they meant. I still get the occasional couple … Continue reading

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Wedding Extras

The wedding I served as a musician this past weekend had no unity candle, but a ceremony for washing feet. One of our recent graduates married in another state the same day. A few of my staff colleagues attended. They … Continue reading

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Servicing Weddings

When I was at Creighton University last month, I got involved with music in the on-campus parish, St John’s. There’s a music rehearsal room in the very back, behind the apse. A sign informed me: Music rehearsal room Saturday 4pm … Continue reading

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Mixed Attendants

I don’t know how often this happens these days. I never saw it ten years ago. But at today’s parish wedding, there was a guy “standing” with the four bridesmaids. He had a tan suit like the groomsmen, but a … Continue reading

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