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Wedding Lectionary: Ephesians 4:1-6

I don’t have any experience of the use of this reading at a wedding liturgy. Possibly because it was authorized as an official choice in the second edition of the rite, a version which has yet to be promulgated in … Continue reading

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Some Wedding Music

Last year, I played at something like seven weddings of friends. I won’t be matching the friend total this year, but I may have as many weddings on the playing docket. There have been three so far, and I have … Continue reading

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In thirty years of playing at weddings I had a first tonight. Sixty-some minutes before the wedding, it surfaced that groom and bride had no wedding license. They thought the church provided that. No, we do not. Our city is … Continue reading

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How To Choose a Wedding Reading

We fielded an apt question from a commenter yesterday about choosing the right reading for a wedding. It is very heartening to see engaged people take the selection of wedding Scripture seriously. This is a topic that I find difficult … Continue reading

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Love Litany

Liturgy News, the quarterly organ of the Brisbane (Australia) Liturgical Commission, had a brief look at this clunker from the new Roman Missal. (I)t remains doubtful whether a revised translation (of the Rite of Marriage) along the lines of the … Continue reading

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Memorizing Wedding Vows

For the first time since I can remember, the couple at yesterday’s wedding recited their vows from memory. The priest held the book at the ready, but their eyes were on each other. I’ve noticed a huge variety in clergy … Continue reading

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The Goodness of the Lord

I composed this psalm for friends over twenty-seven years ago. I noticed the comment from a visitor asking about a musical setting of Psalm 33 for a wedding. I have an audio of my¬†psalm setting¬†here: The Goodness of the Lord … Continue reading

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