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A Wedding Music Compass 2.0: Expectations of Wedding Musicians

As promised in the last post, I’ll give you some tips on wedding musicians today: what you can expect, how you should conduct yourself, what to ask. Stuff like that. As always, this advice is lensed through my experiences as … Continue reading

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A Wedding Music Compass 1.0: Finding Good Musicians

I had a delightful meeting with an engaged couple last night. Their wedding is still nearly a year in the future, but time flies and ducks must be lined up in their row. Plus, with a May wedding, you can’t … Continue reading

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A Monster of a Discussion

Bridezillas, make way for blogzillas. I don’t know that I would have predicted that the Left-Right Blow-up in the Blogosphere would have happened over the way people got married. Friend Dale blogs here and here about Vox Nova blogging here … Continue reading

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The Princess and The Priest

Worth watching: Busted Halo’s series The Princess, The Priest and the War for the Perfect Wedding. Episode three: Why Can’t We Get Married On The Beach? I’ve watched these productions. Love the concept and the execution. If I can ever … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Ruth 1:8-11a, 13b-17

Many clergy expand the Lectionary offerings they provide to mourners or to engaged couples. We’ve read earlier in our examination of the Pastoral Care rites that preparers of the liturgy are not limited to the Lectionary options for the sick … Continue reading

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The Eucharist and Ecumenical Weddings

In helping engaged couples plan their wedding liturgies, the intersection of the Eucharist with a non-Catholic groom or bride is always a troubling point. I say this not because it becomes a bone of contention between couple and Church–that’s a … Continue reading

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How To Find a Particular Wedding Psalm

Bethany asks in the combox of one of the wedding lectionary posts: I am also trying to find the sheet music for this particular responsorial psalm. I am the cantor in a wedding and no one can seem to find … Continue reading

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