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Wedding Lectionary: Matthew 14:22-33

During his homily at yesterday’s wedding, the pastor remarked that in his twenty-three years as a priest, it was the first time this reading appeared as a choice of a bride and groom: After he had fed the people, Jesus … Continue reading

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Washing Wedding Feet

One of my friend-bloggers has upcoming nuptials, and writes of rings. What are y’all hearing about unity sand? I have to confess it seems a little curious. When I first heard about it, I visualized the couple creating a mandala. … Continue reading

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“The Important Part”

A friend attended the out-of-town wedding of two of our graduates yesterday. In the receiving line at church, mentioned she needed to get to another celebration back at our parish. The couple responded that she came for the important part. … Continue reading

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Hat Tip: Will and Kate

Imagine my surprise when the WordPress site stat page informed me that yesterday was the most popular day yet for Catholic Sensibility. Even beating my shoutout from Andrew Sullivan and my criticism of Miley Cyrus baring her back for Annie … Continue reading

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A Glance at Marriage Preparation, A Genius of an Idea

I was in a meeting with our two priests and Brenda, our marriage coordinator, today and I heard a few things that perked my pastoral ears. If your parishes and dioceses are like mine, they offer engaged couples a number … Continue reading

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Wedding Psalm 118?

Every church musician should know the seven wedding psalms: 33, 34,103, 112, 128, 145, and 148. I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks. The cantor pitched Psalm 118, which she had at her recent wedding. Here’s the … Continue reading

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A Wedding Music Compass 2.1: Meeting Wedding Musicians

For those coming late to this series, I refer you to my previous two posts in the series, here, on finding good wedding musicians, and here, on what you can expect from good wedding musicians. When I┬ámeet with an engaged … Continue reading

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