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Mary and Mercy

Liam sent me this image he captured at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston. From his message to me: ​These are enameled (painted) glass windows are from the Thomas & John Morgan Studio of New York, which often worked with Patrick … Continue reading

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JP the First on the Beatification Trail

I was in college when we had the year of three popes. Who knows what the Church would have been like with a few years of John Paul in the see of Peter. Beatification up next on his and our … Continue reading

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Augustine On A Higher Glory

It is a higher glory still to stay war itself with a word, than to slay men with the sword, and to procure or maintain peace by peace, not by war. I thought Pope Francis’ citation of today’s saint deserved … Continue reading

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God’s Wheat

In an era of martyrdom, Ignatius of Antioch saw his coming sacrifice of life for witness of the Gospel: Let me be food for the wild beasts, for they are my way to God. I am God’s wheat and shall … Continue reading

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Very Often

Preach it, Little Flower: Receive Communion often, very often. There you have the sole remedy, if you want to be cured. Jesus has not put this attraction in your heart for nothing.

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Work Hard, Eat Well

I didn’t know much about Saint Peter Julian Eymard, but I loved this quote attributed to him: When we work hard, we must eat well. What a joy, that you can receive Holy Communion often! It’s our life and support … Continue reading

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St Ignatius on Drink

The context of this quote is receiving a concern about immigrant students, and their difficulty of adapting to new foods of their host culture. … if health permits someone to habituate himself even to water, beer, or cider where these … Continue reading

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“Lord, Why Were You A Feminist?”

Sometimes you just have to wonder how deep seminary/divinity training is. Orthodox ecumenism? The Scholastics? The Bible?!? It’s pretty amazing the how much even faithful and good Christians will twist themselves to avoid a rupture in their spiritual life. Image … Continue reading

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Invoking Joseph

My wife alerted me to this news about my baptismal patron: The (CDWDS) presented the new invocations to Pope Francis, who approved their integration into the Litany of Saint Joseph. The new invocations, originally in Latin, are as follows: Custos … Continue reading

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Splendid Cross

From St Theodore of Studios: How splendid the cross of Christ! It brings life, not death; light, not darkness; paradise, not its loss. It is the wood on which the Lord, like a great warrior, was wounded in hands and … Continue reading

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A Daily, Discreet And Hidden Presence

My pastor preached a bit on Pope Francis’ apostolic letter Patris Corde at Mass this morning. I went to the document a bit later today and found this morsel suggesting how apt it is for us to turn to Joseph in … Continue reading

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The Joseph Dispensation

So, some dioceses have recognized the importance of a liturgical solemnity, the level of celebration that bumps an ordinary Sunday off the ordo. During Lent all it might do is open the food gates. How does a Christian honor Saint … Continue reading

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Another Holy Family

I did notice that Pope Francis authorized the addition of Mary and Lazarus to the July 29th observance of their sister, Martha. One of my social media friends lamented a bit that the original inhabitant of that day now shares … Continue reading

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A Verse Of Paul

In observance of today’s feast, a social media friend polled his contacts today for a favorite verse from Saint Paul. Like many of his friends, I struggled to think of a single favorite. Two snarky thoughts popped into my head. … Continue reading

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Proclamation, 850th

I found the federal proclamation to be a most interesting piece of theatre. Not that I find the honoring of a Catholic and Anglican saint to be objectionable. Far from it. Eight-point-five centuries ago a not particularly religious ruler was … Continue reading

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