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Giving Space vs Competition

In the short book of two Harvard Divinity School lectures, From Brokenness to Community, Jean Vanier explores community as a space of conflict. He gives four moments of conflict. I’ve experienced, seen, and alas, perpetrated, these over the years. He … Continue reading

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Of Brokenness

I’ve been absent from online for a bit, but not from some enlightening reading. The death of Jean Vanier inspired me to recheck my libraries–home, work, parish, and county. Among others, I found the slim volumeĀ From Brokenness to Community, a … Continue reading

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Jean Vanier Has Died

I’ve just noticed the news that Jean Vanier has died. One religion media tribute is here. There’s a question hanging in the air for those who were influenced by him. Our once-collaborator Neil cited another source in suggesting that if … Continue reading

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Blessed Feast of Easter

O splendor of the Father’s light that makes our daylight lucid, bright; O Light of light and sun of day, now shine on us your brightest ray. (St Ambrose, Gracia Grindal, trans., from the LBW, 1978)

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On Good Friday

Good Friday quote from the 6th century from Saint Romanos the Melodist: Let us lay aside all tiresome arguments and attach ourselves to the one on the cross. If it seems right, let us all go along with Peter to … Continue reading

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Joseph’s Day

The young miss treated me to a feast day dinner. On the Indian fun scale of 1 to 5, we determined our main dishes were about a point higher than requested. My three-turned-four was enough to water my eyes all … Continue reading

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Movie Challenge Day 9

I like saint movies. This is the most recent of a few that have affected me. Gandhi. Romero. These might have been better films from an objective standpoint. I am neither a radical pacifist or a courageous bishop. In another … Continue reading

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