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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Mary Magdalen Bentivoglio

This will be an unusual entry in this series, but a fascinating tale of runaround, and men thinking they know better than women. When we read of conflicts between bishops and women religious, it’s usually because the clerics want the … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Julian of Norwich

It might not even be her real name: Julian. It was the name of the church in which her “studio apartment” was attached. Most all of you readers know the woman. She’s not yet an official Catholic saint, but revered … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Celestine Bottego

An American-born woman leads off for the third annual Worthy Women series. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Celestine Bottego. Maybe her recent “promotion” to “venerable” (he same “level” Fulton Sheen of all people) will tickle your memory–it was just last October. … Continue reading

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Another Fortnight

I notice that the USCCB is gearing up for another Fortnight for Freedom. I certainly don’t begrudge their exercising of their teaching office, nor the promotion of religious freedom. From the site, this year’s observance is described as … a … Continue reading

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Why Martyrs?

I see in CNS that Salvadoran bishops want Pope Francis to come to Central America when Oscar Romero is canonized. It’s likely just a matter of time. I know of one small community led by a woman priest who has … Continue reading

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Confirmation Names

An interesting discussion unfolds this week at PrayTell on the practice of taking a confirmation name. For the purpose of full disclosure, I admit I have such a name. I also admit that I didn’t discourage the young miss when … Continue reading

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Free Those Feasts!

What does the canonization mean in the day-to-day life of believers, new parishes, and such? Check it here. John XXIII and John Paul II will be optional memorials. Their feast days will not be dates of death, as is usual. … Continue reading

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