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To Trek In Wonder

It’s a fiftieth anniversary of going to places where no one has gone before. The Star Trek franchise, or at least the best parts of it, are praised for taking science fiction and using it as a means to tell … Continue reading

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The Age of Adaline

My wife and I enjoy watching a film together. She leans to mystery and romance. I┬álike science fiction and documentaries. But we certainly can enjoy a really good movie of any genre. The Age of Adaline is almost “really good.” … Continue reading

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Ex Machina

At my wife’s encouragement, I went in on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago. I found this movie I had heard good things about. It’s a moody, intelligent, surprising film that demonstrates very smart people (and a robot) doing very … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The End of Eternity

I’ve read a lot of Isaac Asimov, mainly when I was a teen and college student. I had never cracked his short novel The End of Eternity until last week. If you are familiar with time travel and the various … Continue reading

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The Man in the High Castle

YouTube seemed to think I would like the pilot episode for the series The Man in the High Castle. They showed it to me about a dozen times last week. So I found it and watched it. It was so … Continue reading

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Human Spaceflight, 1950

Fascinating story on how Britain might have launched a space explorer ten years before Alan Shepard arced over the western Atlantic. Postwar UK had a lot of other things to deal with. If my recollection of history is right, I … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Chrysalids

I read this sf novel as a boy–it was published in the US under the title Re-Birth. Neither title really attracts me, but the story does. Let me tell you a bit about it. This 1955 novel by the British … Continue reading

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