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Let’s Have Another Surge

Why not? Because 2020 was so much fun, especially for health care workers. Last time I checked, the operation for vaccines was developed under Mr Trump’s administration. So I find it super curious so many of the man’s ideological supporters … Continue reading

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Vax Goals

So, the country falls short of its new president’s 70% goal. In the heady post-war fifties, there would be a lot of trust in the science of the day. Some conservatives just don’t want to get on board, or the … Continue reading

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Mask Maturity

Apparently, our corporate masters’ spies thought I would be enchanted by facebook posts discussing masks. Pretty sure I annoyed a few people who were celebrating their freedom from facial coverings. My pastor mentioned he heard from a parishioner who was … Continue reading

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Spit It Out

So, it’s been an interesting week of interface with the virus and associated acts. A friend of mine alerted me to a vaccine opportunity about an hour away in breezy downtown St Cloud. Monday my wife joined me for a … Continue reading

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Snowball Earth

It may be something of a misnomer. Ice is more likely. But the Earth once looked like this, so we are taught.

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Nightmare For Science Deniers

A social media friend unearthed a nugget from twitter from a bit over a year ago.       There’s the obvious situation that the government is paying out a fraction of this. (Who knows? Before it’s all over maybe … Continue reading

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I Hope It’s True

I notice a politician from a neighboring state embarrasses himself on science. It’s not really news to see politicians tripping themselves up on things. These days, it’s often sex. Maybe the GOP is particularly prone to bumbling science. And sex. … Continue reading

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How Smart Is This?

Some months after his passing, someone gets the better of Stephen Hawking in an “epic” tweet. This two-year-old summary appeared on one of my social media feeds today, and I had to wonder how smart or effective a tack this … Continue reading

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Bad Science And Big Oil

Many of my Christian brothers and sisters lament the lack of religion awareness in the modern press. I agree. There are few topic specialists outside of politics, sports, and celebrity. I think science gets a treatment at least as ignorant … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Copernicus Complex

Some people like their science focused and tight. I prefer something more far-reaching. These days, with science and so many other disciplines well-honed and specialized, it is rare for an author to pull off a feat of delving into multiple … Continue reading

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Running Out of Names

As a self-professed science geek, I confess I was unaware of the tradition of naming Atlantic hurricanes after Greek letters once the 21 assigned names were exhausted. I guess we’ll know we’re in trouble if we get to Hurricane Omega. … Continue reading

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Streaming In Exile

The Best Buy was weirdly quiet today. I saw people entering and leaving. But inside, it was like people had all disappeared. It was borderline creepy. I bought my streaming stick and left. It was relatively painless to set it … Continue reading

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Greta Is Great

Greta Thunberg sure has the powers-that-be on the run. Fox News blunders then admits it. This week she suggests UN world leaders are immature. Last week she said little in the US Congress, but it was enough: I am submitting … Continue reading

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Teilhard, Attack And Defense

I found myself on the fringes of a facebook discussion about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the concern over his being the subject of a fandom and his supposedly foundational racism, his defense at commonweal, and the suggestion this defense is … Continue reading

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The GMO’s Among Us

A human being who can digest dairy is a GMO. If you are one of these, your digestive tract can make something healthy for you from that milk sugar molecule on the right. This article sums up something I read … Continue reading

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