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Blogging Unfolding Ahead

On one hand, I probably have no business still doing this. My original thought was to write, well, original stuff more or less daily, mostly commenting on liturgy as a counterweight to what I believed was an outsized online component … Continue reading

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Space Opportunists

I’ve been seeing Jeff Bezos and others getting stick on social media the past few days. So, Sir Richard Branson has become an official astronaut, and another billionaire is next on the list of celebrities-in-space. I posted some comments earlier … Continue reading

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That Takeover Of Europe

I was noticing on social media some comment about a Muslim takeover of Europe. Falling birthrates, immigration, sadness over the fading influence of Christianity. Stuff like that. It seems that every so often, a commentator drops in on this site … Continue reading

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Trust And Victimhood

In her book Forming Intentional Disciples, Sherry Weddell discusses five thresholds of conversion. These are trust, curiosity, openness, seeking, and discipleship. Ms Weddell describes these more deeply than these single words, but for the sake of this essay, I want … Continue reading

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Problems With BLM, The Church

I saw a comment on a friend’s social media site this morning, regarding Black Lives Matter: The phrase is no problem. The organization is a problem. I think many people have the same attitude toward Christianity. They have no problem … Continue reading

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“Our Colour Is Not A Crime”

For US sports fans who bother to point their noses overseas, a few might find the extra-American practices curious. As soccer opened up these past days in Europe, players taking knees. In watching English soccer this week (League Two playoffs … Continue reading

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Keep ‘Em Guessing

On my facebook page this morning, recommendations to join these groups: Traditional Orthodoxy and Ultimate Lesbians. Also something suggesting I go for a hot air balloon ride in Sweden. Only¬†20 000 kronor. I make it a habit to minimize my … Continue reading

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