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Coming Up: Antifa Sunday

I think I was once told this Sunday’s designation was mainly pro-monarchy, but if it really surfaced to combat fascism (spell check, that, Tweeter) then I’m down with this social media thought of the day. Or yesterday. Whatever. I’m on … Continue reading

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For the Communications Media

One of the great losses when MR2 was deep-sixed in 1998 were some interesting and useful texts in the section “Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions.” That’s not to say that leaders of prayer can’t concoct their own … Continue reading

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A priest friend on social media shared this meme. (Gosh, I hate that word!) So many memes are of questionable veracity. I poked around on the internet and didn’t find anything to discredit it; in fact many quote sites put … Continue reading

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Sex And The Modern City

Ah, so much hand-wringing on sex these days. I noticed a young man who was shocked–shocked!–to learn that college football at some schools isn’t about sex as much as it is about sport. And maybe even a dash of academics … Continue reading

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The Cooperation Question

I know the development of covid-19 vaccines involved touches on a troublesome past. Brett Salkeld does some of the moral theology lifting for us here. To be honest, the complaints from the political pro-life movement were not enough to make … Continue reading

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Poor Mark

Actually, he’s not really poor. But Mr Zuckerberg did lose more wealth today than three-thousand aerospace engineers earn in a lifetime.* Still a tough day. Stock market losses. Whistleblower. More faith in social media shaken. A friend of a friend … Continue reading

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What Tears Apart Families?

I saw this headline (Antidotes to the Cultural Poison That Is Ripping the Family Apart) at the NCReg, and predictably, the commentator limits himself to the usual conservative bugaboos: abortion, divorce, and contraception. I also think that for a wider … Continue reading

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Et Tu, EWTN?

The past few days I’ve noticed people calling for the bishops to Do Something about the organization widely thought to be referenced by Pope Francis last week as the “work of the devil.” I think this has been brewing for … Continue reading

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People Who Pray, More or Less

A sad bit of fake news from the NCReg: Prayers will be offered on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. But fewer will be praying than previously, as there are fewer people who pray at all. There are other problems with … Continue reading

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On Criticism, With Mary

I noticed a headline at a church music site and clicked the link. Leading off: I checked our line-up for this weekend at my parish, and the Communion hymn is Landry’s “Hail Mary: Gentle Woman.” This seems to have become … Continue reading

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Education and Testing

I see my social media friend Dale has picked up on the conservative hype about Oregon and education. The usual complaints on the internet of the Right about those nutty liberals abandoning testing high school kids. Or really, testing them … Continue reading

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Blogging Unfolding Ahead

On one hand, I probably have no business still doing this. My original thought was to write, well, original stuff more or less daily, mostly commenting on liturgy as a counterweight to what I believed was an outsized online component … Continue reading

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Space Opportunists

I’ve been seeing Jeff Bezos and others getting stick on social media the past few days. So, Sir Richard Branson has become an official astronaut, and another billionaire is next on the list of celebrities-in-space. I posted some comments earlier … Continue reading

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That Takeover Of Europe

I was noticing on social media some comment about a Muslim takeover of Europe. Falling birthrates, immigration, sadness over the fading influence of Christianity. Stuff like that. It seems that every so often, a commentator drops in on this site … Continue reading

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Trust And Victimhood

In her book Forming Intentional Disciples, Sherry Weddell discusses five thresholds of conversion. These are trust, curiosity, openness, seeking, and discipleship. Ms Weddell describes these more deeply than these single words, but for the sake of this essay, I want … Continue reading

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