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Misa en Español

My experience for the parish’s 4pm Mass is reminiscent of going to Mass before I became Catholic in 1969, or when I went to Mass at the Newman Community in college. Every week most all of the songs are new. … Continue reading

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El Que Coma de Este Pan

Played at my first Mass in Spanish in my new parish. The choir at this liturgy is the largest, but the assembly is the smallest of our five weekend liturgies. One song that stood out for me among everything unfamiliar … Continue reading

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La Abeja

One of my new favorite Spanish words, the one for “bee.” I love the lightness of the “ha” sound, just the right lift to suggest the fluttering of wings and the buzz over flowers.

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Una Perspectiva

One thing I like a lot about Spanish is the expression for certain human conditions. In English, we say, “I’m sleepy.” Or, “I’m hungry.” I will need to get used to using the Spanish verb tener, to have. Instead of … Continue reading

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Yo Conto Count

One of my favorite greetings to our 17-year-old cat is, “I count on Count.” Mi gato bello. People who meet him think he’s female, but he’s always been a “man’s cat,” as my wife says. Lately, he’s been spending a … Continue reading

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God Speaks Today

Cleaning things out, one of my staff colleagues unearthed an old Bible. She gave it to me. What do you think of it? Looking at the illustrations within, it reminded me of the Good News Bible. I may be able … Continue reading

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Dar a Luz

Family matters have obliged me to cancel my planned trip to Honduras next month, but I’m consoling myself with expanding my vocabulary and working on my verbs. One fantastic (macanudo) idiom I’ve been taught is the Latin American expression for … Continue reading

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