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Giving Space vs Competition

In the short book of two Harvard Divinity School lectures, From Brokenness to Community, Jean Vanier explores community as a space of conflict. He gives four moments of conflict. I’ve experienced, seen, and alas, perpetrated, these over the years. He … Continue reading

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Of Brokenness

I’ve been absent from online for a bit, but not from some enlightening reading. The death of Jean Vanier inspired me to recheck my libraries–home, work, parish, and county. Among others, I found the slim volume¬†From Brokenness to Community, a … Continue reading

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Fire is a horrid thing. My mother often recounted her age-six trauma of seeing her family home burn down. No wonder she was always after us kids to practice nothing dangerous that involved flammables. It was hard to believe the … Continue reading

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Palm “Origami”

I read Lizette Larson’s interesting research on folding palms into crosses and other objects. Is this a practice to be encouraged? When I received palm leaves from my first last-Sunday-in-Lent, I didn’t want them folded up into crosses. I left … Continue reading

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Person Or Personality?

I was whispered to this link where one of the bishops attending the Mundelein retreat earlier this year reflected on a timely question offered by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa: Is Jesus for us a person, or just a personality, a celebrity, … Continue reading

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Aging, Dying, Or Just Injured

In my recovery from a broken ankle, I’m faced with a few uncomfortable realities. A touch of bursitis has hit my shoulders, and my doctor advises it won’t really get much better. Arthritis in a thumb doesn’t impact my music. … Continue reading

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In the collection¬†Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits, the editor provides a series of prayers to accompany the Spiritual Exercises. (I recommend this book very highly, not just for people making the Exercises. So many of the prayers apply to … Continue reading

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