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For the great and powerful of this world, there are only two places in which their courage fails them, of which they are afraid deep down in their souls, from which they shy away. These are the manger and the … Continue reading

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Prayer As Protest

I’ve never been completely at ease with the non-prayer element of praying. At military installations, abortion clinics, or such. Nor, really for certain causes, like the Fortnight For Freedom. I noticed Fr Anthony Ruff offers this coopting of Cardinal Burke’s … Continue reading

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On the website Jesuits in Britain, I noticed this remarkable painting of today’s saint. He looks up from his well-worn handbook, inviting his viewer and companion to something deeper. Going back to my experiences of the Spiritual Exercises, and the … Continue reading

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Amy Welborn has made an interesting connection, that the supposed decline in popular piety post-Vatican II is a form of clericalism. The notion being that the conciliar emphasis on the Mass, requiring the ministry of a priest, is something unfair … Continue reading

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Saint Benedict Welcomes Guests

Our nation is hardly a monastery, let alone many of our parishes. But on this feast of Benedict of Nursia, some thoughts on welcoming guests. I have never failed to be welcomed when visiting a Benedictine monastery as a pilgrim, … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Gift Of Peace

My beloved wife acquired this book many years ago. She is more of a collector than I, so it sat on my shelf for many years. I pulled it out last week, on impulse. She was having a difficult dental … Continue reading

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Papal Gift, Brother To Brother

Fragments of the bones of Saint Peter have left the chapel of the Apostolic Palace in Rome and were sent home with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Pope Francis bothers conservative Catholics yet again, few of whom have actually been pilgrims … Continue reading

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