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Mercy, As It Might Have Been, Or Might Yet Be

I found this essay on PrayTell and a reference there to an interesting bit of testimony from Pope Benedict on his predecessor. Here’s the quote: From the very beginning, John Paul II was deeply touched by the message of Faustina … Continue reading

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Day of Prayer

As of this writing, it’s not yet the 14th where I sit, but it is in the Eastern Hemisphere. So if you’re there and haven’t started yet, Pope Francis has an assignment for us: Prayer is a means to communicate … Continue reading

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Passing Through

Two or three friends on social media were drawn to one of the non-Biblical readings assigned to the Easter season. My occasional sense of alienation was poked by this passage, a small part of the larger text: They live in … Continue reading

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On My Tube: Amazon SF

Generally I don’t offer book or tv reviews unless there’s some element of faith involved. Or astronomy. In these days of pandemic, our streaming options have expanded somewhat. While I originally got sucked in to Amazon for High Castle, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Night Prayer

In the previous posts in this series, I’ve advocated for a Christian to adopt some new daily routine of prayer. One post looked briefly at the Liturgy of the Hours. My favorite of the Hours is Compline, otherwise known as … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Prayer of Emphasis

A holy priest friend, now deceased, introduced me to a method of praying that I’ve occasionally utilized. When I had a twenty-six minute walk to church, I found it was a good accompaniment to the journey. There is no specific … Continue reading

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Two Were Bound For Emmaus

I’ve been an admirer of Bob Hurd for almost forty years. I’d like to meet the guy someday and talk theological shop. I had a dream two mornings ago that I was playing “Two Were Bound For Emmaus.” I was … Continue reading

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