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Mercy, As It Might Have Been, Or Might Yet Be

I found this essay on PrayTell and a reference there to an interesting bit of testimony from Pope Benedict on his predecessor. Here’s the quote: From the very beginning, John Paul II was deeply touched by the message of Faustina … Continue reading

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Day of Prayer

As of this writing, it’s not yet the 14th where I sit, but it is in the Eastern Hemisphere. So if you’re there and haven’t started yet, Pope Francis has an assignment for us: Prayer is a means to communicate … Continue reading

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Passing Through

Two or three friends on social media were drawn to one of the non-Biblical readings assigned to the Easter season. My occasional sense of alienation was poked by this passage, a small part of the larger text: They live in … Continue reading

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On My Tube: Amazon SF

Generally I don’t offer book or tv reviews unless there’s some element of faith involved. Or astronomy. In these days of pandemic, our streaming options have expanded somewhat. While I originally got sucked in to Amazon for High Castle, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Night Prayer

In the previous posts in this series, I’ve advocated for a Christian to adopt some new daily routine of prayer. One post looked briefly at the Liturgy of the Hours. My favorite of the Hours is Compline, otherwise known as … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Prayer of Emphasis

A holy priest friend, now deceased, introduced me to a method of praying that I’ve occasionally utilized. When I had a twenty-six minute walk to church, I found it was a good accompaniment to the journey. There is no specific … Continue reading

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Two Were Bound For Emmaus

I’ve been an admirer of Bob Hurd for almost forty years. I’d like to meet the guy someday and talk theological shop. I had a dream two mornings ago that I was playing “Two Were Bound For Emmaus.” I was … Continue reading

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Mysteries In A Time Of Peril

Aside from a sampling of Gospel events, one commonality that strikes me is the theme of accompaniment. We need not be alone in our trials. Jesus is present with us. We also have companions who bring him along to our … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Rosary

This may be the most frequent daily practice, at least for Catholics. The number of Hail Mary prayers in the original three sets of mysteries equaled the number of psalms. Some union with monasteries might have been a motivation. Some … Continue reading

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Strong In The Face Of Tribulation

The Vatican publishing house offered a free book this week. Strong In The Face Of Tribulation is like a small library. Andrea Tornelli offers a four-page introduction. He states the purpose of the volume: (A) little help offered to all, so … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Liturgy of the Hours

How can I possibly do the Divine Office in a single post? I would need a whole blog devoted to the topic to do it justice. I had a course on the Hours in grad school. We barely covered the … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Daily Readings

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The Daily Christian: Examen

This term, examen, gets confusing sometimes. It is related to the preparation for the Rite of Penance or confession, in that it is a personal examination. It is a cousin, not an identical twin. If lectio divina is a Benedictine-rooted discipline, … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Lectio Divina

When I hear and read of Christians complaining about “rights to worship getting trampled,” I have a hard time taking it seriously. I do think people are genuinely hurt by absence from Sunday gathering in whatever tradition they’ve adopted. That … Continue reading

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Daily Routines

I find the public worship complaints of some Christians these days to be both amusing and worrying. Worth a chuckle, not because I take the virus casually. Certainly not because I take bullying lightly. Persecution is a difficult topic. My … Continue reading

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