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White Fragility On Display

As soccer returned to play this summer, I noticed a consistency in the players’ expressions for racial justice. In every game, players take a knee before the kickoff, and many black players raising a fist. Given the reaction to a … Continue reading

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If It’s About A Symbol, Let’s Start With Money

Frustrating things in 2020: having a lion’s share chunk cut out of my church ministry by a virus seeing the same Catholics whine about sacraments when they wanted to shut down viri probati in the Amazon and other places hitting a wall … Continue reading

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Opening Or Not

So the first US pro sports team backtracks from competition. In a blow for reopening, ten players and team personnel tested positive Monday. The Orlando Pride is staying home. Nobody’s admitting it was recreational drinking in Florida public, but that’s … Continue reading

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“Our Colour Is Not A Crime”

For US sports fans who bother to point their noses overseas, a few might find the extra-American practices curious. As soccer opened up these past days in Europe, players taking knees. In watching English soccer this week (League Two playoffs … Continue reading

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My wife asked me tonight that besides disgusted, how was I feeling today. I said, “Thoroughly disgusted.” This news item, of course. File it under: just when you thought American law enforcement couldn’t get more stupid and incompetent. Talking about biting … Continue reading

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Football Promotion In The Age Of Virus

The young miss and I follow soccer on most of the world’s continents. I’ve noticed that leagues are hand-wringing (not washing) over what to do to make things fair in a system where good teams are promoted up and the … Continue reading

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Gaudete Soccer

The past few years I’ve seen shades of pink in soccer uniforms. Not just the NWSL and other places, but even more in the men’s game. And not just on breast cancer awareness observances. I continue to hear the occasional … Continue reading

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Equal Or Better Pay

I see former Crystal Palace, now Atlanta United manager Chris De Boer has weighed in on the pay dispute with the US women’s national team in his sport. On another social media platform I’ve weighed in to oppose equal pay. … Continue reading

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FA Cup 2019

Enjoying the FA Cup weekend in England and Wales. While the concept of professional sports without playoffs is alien to US fans, the Cup competitions and champions leagues more than make up for it.  Swansea, the team I follow, won. … Continue reading

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Of Mascots, Sports, Symbols, and History

A facebook friend who, I believe, is not a Holy Cross alum, commented on the decision of that university to distance itself from the Crusades via its mascots and sports identifier: We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. I … Continue reading

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I see that football owner has now apologized for a second time that “inmate” comment. A few more-or-less related comments: I don’t know that Mr McNair engaged in a malaprop (prison and asylum don’t quite sound the same) as much … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day

As a culture, we have some missteps when it comes to observances like Memorial Day. To be sure, I don’t think I get it 100% right. I do perceive the difference between today and Veteran’s Day. I’m aware of its … Continue reading

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Newest Swan

The current longest serving Premier League manager speaking of his newest counterpart: He’s not a beginner, he has traveled a lot and has accumulated experience in the United States. He has been in Egypt, France (recently) and is now in … Continue reading

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Athletes in Protest

When an American story spins out of control, sometimes I find it useful to read an alternate perspective, one from outside the US. In the protests and reactions to Colin Kaepernick sitting for the patriotic prelude to his athletic contest, … Continue reading

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EPL 2016-17

My alarm will be set to wake early to watch pre-game tomorrow and catch the first two matches of the new English Premier League season. I’ve been pouring most of my sports attention the last few years into soccer, so this weekend … Continue reading

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