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Swans Sink

The Premier League had one of its occasional sets of midweek matches yesterday and the day before. Swansea did not fare well in yesterday’s game. My campus ministry meeting hit squarely in the middle of the match, so I had to … Continue reading

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Gambit Roots For Spurs

White cat sticks close to White Hart Lane as Harry Kane lifts his side to the top of North London. Swans versus Black Cats next.

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Ginny Approves of the Premier League

“… but why aren’t we tuned to Hull City or Sunderland?” Swansea versus Sunderland tomorrow. Looking forward …

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Swans Bedevil Saints

It was a most satisfying thing to see Swansea turn the tables on an opponent for a change. I wasn’t counting on much from today’s match in Southampton. Maybe 0-0. At best. Thanks to injuries, a suspension, an overseas opportunity, and … Continue reading

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Football Half Time

I mentioned to my wife today’s game marked the end of the first half of the Premier League: 190 games down, 190 to go. She asked, what will you do when it’s over? Go to school, I guess. Like last … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

My wife asked me what “Boxing Day” is–part of the headline during the Premier League matches today on tv. NBC host Rebecca Lowe referred to the “feast of football.” I wonder how many English employers still present a “Christmas box” … Continue reading

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Open Friday: Lights, Archery, Biblical Literalism, and Your Stuff

I don’t have a Twitter feed–at least not one I use for personal stuff. So I have little patience for those small microblogs called tweets. But maybe I can use these open threads (Friday, maybe–my day off usually–when I can … Continue reading

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