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More Institutional Narcissism

Another parable for putting the institution first. (Hint: it’s not the institutional church this time.) But you’re probably right with your second guess. WaPo sports journalist Jason Reid: (T)he initial response by (Rutgers University) also was pathetic. By merely suspending … Continue reading

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Teen Daughters Are Mysteries

Lately, I’ve been tapping into my assessment from forty years ago that female teens were intimidating, strange, and just a cause for worry. These days, I just can’t figure them out. Tuesday I asked the young miss, “It’s the last … Continue reading

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Olympic Thoughts

The family and I have been following the 24/7 coverage of the Summer Games. I noticed Michael Mullins’ commentary at Eureka Street that the country-oriented aspect is a problem: Nationalism is the scourge of the modern Olympics. We’ve become more … Continue reading

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Translating Sanctions

I was catching news of the NCAA and self-imposed sanctions against Penn State football before hitting the road today. The list includes more than $70 million in fines and lost revenue, no bowl games, removal of a statue, and reduced scholarships … Continue reading

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Take Me Out To The Atheists

I saw where atheists have sponsored an independent minor league team for one night. The Saint Paul Saints have become the Mr Paul Aints. Read: Dubbed “A Night of Unbelievable Fun,” the Aug. 10 game against the Amarillo Sox will … Continue reading

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Sporting KC

Three weeks later, I’m still slightly abuzz with fond memories from my MLS outing with the young miss. We’ve been following Euro 2012–actually, it’s been more her, with me getting text updates at work after every goal. As a fan … Continue reading

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The Cup Runneth Out?

An interesting story out of Rome: the Pontifical Council for the Laity ends its support for the annual soccer tournament of Roman seminarians and religious orders. Why? According to Rev. Kevin Lixey the seminarian outreach to youth ended. They are … Continue reading

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NFL Bounties

My wife caught the story on NFL bounty hunting before I did. She asked me about it on Friday night. I had to admit my shock, but no, I’m not really surprised. It does point out the hypocrisy in pro football on … Continue reading

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Express Yourself

One of our students accompanied the 7pm Sunday Mass, and I got to spend Supe Sunday with the family for the first time in a few years. The game was entertainment enough for me, though I rather dislike both teams. … Continue reading

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LSU, Win or Lose?

This would really stick in the craw of the BCS if the Associated Press football voters ignore an Alabama win in the final college football match-up next week and vote the loser number one. Among sports entities to dislike/root against/hate, … Continue reading

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In A Flash

My hometown hosted two playoff games in fútbol over the past weekend. The young miss and I watched the televised one. I caught the internet results of the other. One involved women. The other, men. One was, granted, a match … Continue reading

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What Fathers Understand, and Mothers Don’t

The young miss and I have restarted our routine of last summer: simulated baseball in the backyard. A “hit” past the workshed (or not) is a double (or a single). Home run has to be hit in the air to … Continue reading

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Good Thing We’re Not Sports Fanatics

Mid-afternoon today my wife asks if the Super Bowl is on ESPN. No, I said, network, but I’m not sure which one. Uh oh, she said. The basic cable tier has been off and on all week. Huh? I thought … Continue reading

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What It’s All About

I don’t really follow the NBA, but I like this comment: I think the NBA is so important to Christmas that what we really need to do is increase from five games to 10, and we need to start them … Continue reading

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Yoga Rhinos

I’m surprised more pro teams don’t turn to yoga like my hometown soccer Rhinos. Assistant coach Bill Sedgewick: I played a lot of minutes and I was never injured. I felt fresh. I felt it was the best way for … Continue reading

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