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Smallest Venue

The Premier League website has the promoted teams’ stadiums up for “tours.” This includes the PL’s smallest venue where only 11,700 people can view their home side’s matches. In the US, that would be almost the seating capacity of the … Continue reading

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Lionesses Third

The English World Cup team has salvaged third place in the competition north of my border. Good for the Lionesses. It was a rather meaningful game, for a third-place match. The NCAA Final Four did away with the third place … Continue reading

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Swans Top Arsenal, Man City

Friend and frequent football commentator David sent me this link. Swans fans take note: It is probably with some surprise that viewing figures in the USA showed the Swans as the 4th most watched Premier League team out there ahead … Continue reading

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Faroese Football

Fascinating piece on soccer in the Faroe Islands. I didn’t think they were an independent nation, but apparently, they compete as Wales does. And ranked 102nd in the world–amazing for such a remote outpost. Aleksandar Djordjevic came to the Faroes … Continue reading

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Newest Swans Acquisition

I see my favorite European football team has picked up a great player from Ghana. My Ghanaian staff colleague told me he comes from a big footballing family. Don’t recall his exploits specifically in the World Cup the past two … Continue reading

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British Football

This is probably my last football post for a few months. Somebody sent me a facebook notice about Manchester United playing in Chicago in July. I wonder how the build-up for the big match is going in England’s royal family. … Continue reading

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Football, Plumbing, and Blogging

Swansea, and 17 other Premier League teams finished up their seasons yesterday. The ten-match simulcast on American networks took place in the morning. And being a Sunday churchgoer, I missed the live action. After I got home from a wedding consultation … Continue reading

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