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Open Friday: Lights, Archery, Biblical Literalism, and Your Stuff

I don’t have a Twitter feed–at least not one I use for personal stuff. So I have little patience for those small microblogs called tweets. But maybe I can use these open threads (Friday, maybe–my day off usually–when I can … Continue reading

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Another World Cup

Casual soccer football fans know there’s a World Cup for national teams. There’s also a world championship for club teams. Any mash-ups of Pope Francis and soccer football fans out there? Then your task is to root against Real Madrid … Continue reading

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More Athletes Protest

I noticed one coach didn’t mind at all: You’re probably asking the wrong guy that question. I grew up in the 60s, where everybody was socially conscious. I believe in it. I would be a hypocrite if I stood up … Continue reading

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Swans Hammered

The manager wasn’t high on his team’s performance in East London today. I would have to agree. West Ham United, hats off for leaping into 3rd place. Even after Bony scored at minute 19, I was worried about this match. … Continue reading

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Mollie Wilson O’Reilly has a pretty damning post on police accountability at dotCommonweal. Is justice perverted in our country? How accurate is this citation from Brian Beutler: The point would be to eliminate the conflict of interest that arises—as it did … Continue reading

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Swans and Palace

I haven’t posted much on the Premier League lately. My Saturdays have been quite busy. I did catch the Swansea/Crystal Palace match on delay yesterday afternoon. My internet connection wasn’t terribly happy, so about the time the game drifted into … Continue reading

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Early EPL

With no pressing duties on the church front till the afternoon, I get to enjoy some compelling English football this morning. Liverpool make a game effort against Chelsea, but come up short. The difference between these teams seems so small, … Continue reading

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