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On The Tube: Counterpart

The premise of Counterpart attracted me. Two parallel worlds, each kept mostly secret from the ordinary people of the other. There’s that science fiction premise, but everything that follows is espionage. I generally find modern espionage fiction, book or tv, … Continue reading

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On The Tube: The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix’s streaming series looks at a chess prodigy who emerges from a girl’s orphanage in Kentucky to become a force in world chess. Most of this seven-episode adventure focuses on the emerging chess career of Beth Taylor. After being adopted, … Continue reading

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A Future Footing

Four episodes into season three, Star Trek Discovery finds a footing. Not its footing. Just a footing. I last wrote about this show last December. Certain weaknesses dragged things down the first two seasons: mishandled characters (killing off Philippa Georgiou … Continue reading

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On The Tube: Twilight Zone

Over the past few weeks, I’ve crammed in the two seasons of the current reboot of The Twilight Zone. I confess I was too young to hang in for the original, and I’ve only caught the occasional episode over the years … Continue reading

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Tales From The Loop

This weekend I completed my watch of the Amazon Prime series Tales From The Loop. It explores people living in a midwestern community. Underground is a mysterious physics research facility. I found it compelling. More human than about 95% of … Continue reading

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Hamilton On The Stream

My wife thought it was going to be a film, but instead disney+ presents a streaming collage of a number of performances from the Hamilton original cast captured in mid-2016, when the excitement and hype over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical was at … Continue reading

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On My Tube: Amazon SF

Generally I don’t offer book or tv reviews unless there’s some element of faith involved. Or astronomy. In these days of pandemic, our streaming options have expanded somewhat. While I originally got sucked in to Amazon for High Castle, I’ve … Continue reading

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On One World

I caught part of the second half of the tv fundraiser One World: Together at Home this past weekend. I read that over a hundred million was raised for virus relief. That’s a good thing. The young miss was disappointed … Continue reading

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Dystopia In Current Science Fiction

One unfortunate trend in speculative fiction (in my opinion) is the ongoing indulgence for dystopia. To be clear, I think dystopia is fine if that’s your story. The problem is that publishers seem to be gravitating to it in great … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of dvd Region Codes

I’ve enjoyed many of David Attenborough’s documentaries on dvd. I have several on my shelves. Several, except for my favorite. I’ve combed Amazon for it, but BBC seems to prefer to limit availability to a fraction of the human life … Continue reading

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SF Streaming 2019

After some initial good feelings, my sense of this year’s science fiction streaming is mixed. I’ve blogged here before on Amazon’s adaptation of Philip Dick’s Man in the High Castle. I think this season was the worst, by far. On the … Continue reading

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On My Tube: Jack Ryan

I’m not usually a fan of espionage or terrorist fiction. I’m aware of Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan from a movie or two. Alec Baldwin didn’t impress me. Harrison Ford did. As for the tv series, now that I’ve binge-watched … Continue reading

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Hard Sun, Hard Violence

As I’ve encountered streaming series on hulu and amazon, I notice there’s a lot of boundaries pushed beyond what’s been aired on cable networks. Some of those boundaries are plusses–telling a story over a period of twelve hours, give or … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Plants 3D

As my family and I consider cutting the cable cord, we enjoyed viewing Kingdom of Plants 3D on an alternate streaming source. We have a significant stash of David Attenborough nature documentaries on our living room shelves. None surpass this … Continue reading

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So, Star Trek

CBS has weathered a lot of obstacles, mostly self-inflicted, to bring the latest iteration of Star Trek to the small screen. There was one huge positive in last night’s episode. The visuals were at least as good as the recent … Continue reading

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