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One of the principles of the Spiritual Exercises made it unvarnished into the Catechism (2478). It is rather an anti-principle of the internet, where often enough, the worst possible interpretation is placed on a person (they are a felon, a … Continue reading

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A New Pecking Order

I feel a bone weariness continuing to read stories (like this one) of people subjected to a revised hierarchy of employment (see above). Note how the tattletale (often moneyed, but not always) is boss of the bishop, bishop (or pastor) of administrator, … Continue reading

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The Future

I see the Anchoress has assembled a symposium on the question of the Future of Catholicism. I read Sherry Weddell’s contribution, because I think she has a bead on the biggest need, worldwide, on the future of Catholicism. I also … Continue reading

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Minus Decades

Looking back on a bit of personal history. Ten years ago this month on this site. A kitchen remodeling at our last house. Some nice vacation time. I wasn’t posting on church documents every day, but Vatican II here had … Continue reading

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Summer Blogging Ahead

My friend Charles has been concerned about my presenting a break-neck pace on the blog. I assure him and any interested observers I’m doing fine. Paschale Solemnitatis was written up in May. Dives in Misericordiae was finished up this past … Continue reading

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Word Counts

I remember in college and grad school how we did word counts for papers the old-fashioned way–with stone knives and bearskins estimating one word for every six typewriter keystrokes. Profs didn’t want to count spaces either, so they usually asked … Continue reading

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Hello to all. Waking today after a late night putting the last coat of paint on my bathroom. The most troubled room in the house now looks the spiffiest. But it still needs to air out thoroughly. Except for stacked … Continue reading

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