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Curtain Creak

I will give my readers some fair warning. My relocation west has given me the opportunity to discern activities on a number of fronts. This includes the blog you are reading. I began this hobby nearly twelve years ago after … Continue reading

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Just curious: what do you make of Steve Skojec’s call for boycotting the reception of communion at Pope Francis’s outdoor Masses later this month? I don’t know about those less scrupulous than I, but this blog-post is scary enough to … Continue reading

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Interesting thread on selecting Down Syndrome children for abortions here. Friend and occasional commenter Crystal has an insistent presence in the commentariat there. What do you think of her assessment here: … given the ferocity of the pro-life movement, abortions … Continue reading

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Envy and the Need for Mercy

One NCReg commenter, Ronald Jones, noted the backlash at this post against Paul Inwood’s composition being selected as the official “hymn” for the Jubilee of Mercy: Your attitude and comments are an unbelievable display of unchristian behavior. They are however, a … Continue reading

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How Bad is Bad?

How we love to play the game of comparisons. Whose team is more successful, whose salary is higher, whose home is nicer, whose parish is more active, and so on. We also compare negative things, and modern culture reinforces bad news. … Continue reading

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One of the principles of the Spiritual Exercises made it unvarnished into the Catechism (2478). It is rather an anti-principle of the internet, where often enough, the worst possible interpretation is placed on a person (they are a felon, a … Continue reading

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A New Pecking Order

I feel a bone weariness continuing to read stories (like this one) of people subjected to a revised hierarchy of employment (see above). Note how the tattletale (often moneyed, but not always) is boss of the bishop, bishop (or pastor) of administrator, … Continue reading

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