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String Trio

Playing around a bit on my lunch hour with some software and downloading capabilities. I thought I’d serenade (briefly) visitors with a string trio prelude I wrote as something of a composition exercise about fifteen years ago. I think I … Continue reading

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Ruth: The Path of Loyalty

Iowa State Commencement today marks the end of an academic year. I’ve already had to say goodbye to a number of students. And with last month’s Holy Week, Triduum, Confirmation, and First Communion squarely behind us at the parish, we … Continue reading

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Ruth of the Dust Bowl

A bit of discernment ahead. If any readers would like to chime in, I’d appreciate. I’ve fielded a serious suggestion to set my next Bible musical in modern or near-modern times. Naomi and her family leave their rural homestead for … Continue reading

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Cast and Band

I do miss the frenetic pace of rehearsal and production. I thought I had posted these images, but only on Facebook. Anyway, the cast group image above, the band below. Meanwhile, the current draft of Ruth: The Path of Loyalty … Continue reading

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Doesn’t the angel present a dashing figure? I had lunch with Tobit’s musical director today. I was missing rehearsal and lamenting my first free Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings in two-and-a-half months. So we commiserated over Thai food and talked … Continue reading

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Good Over Evil: Raphael Binds the Demon

Raphael versus Asmodeus. Tobiah, mindful of Raphael’s instructions, took the fish’s liver and heart from the bag where he had them, and put them on the embers intended for incense. The odor of the fish repulsed the demon, and it … Continue reading

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Some Video Coming

Possibly. We got a nice video recording of dress rehearsal for Tobit: The Path of Virtue Friday night. In some ways, it was the best performance of the weekend. My wife thought Sunday people seemed a little bit tired. And … Continue reading

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