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Ruth Shapes Up

Image credit. I have two big numbers left to finish. The finale has been started for a few years, but I’m still stuck. That usually means it’s an opportunity to junk it and start from scratch. But it’s hard to … Continue reading

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At Bethlehem Gate

I was listening to an NPR piece about that new musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, and as the discussion about a few specifics unfolded, it called to mind that fun opening piece from The Music Man. You … Continue reading

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Ruth: The Path of Loyalty

Iowa State Commencement today marks the end of an academic year. I’ve already had to say goodbye to a number of students. And with last month’s Holy Week, Triduum, Confirmation, and First Communion squarely behind us at the parish, we … Continue reading

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Ruth of the Dust Bowl

A bit of discernment ahead. If any readers would like to chime in, I’d appreciate. I’ve fielded a serious suggestion to set my next Bible musical in modern or near-modern times. Naomi and her family leave their rural homestead for … Continue reading

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