Christus Dominus

Christus Dominus, the Decree concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops is organized thus:


Chapter I: The Relationship of Bishops to the Universal Church

section I: The Role of the Bishops in the Universal Church

section II: Bishops and the Apostolic See

Chapter II: Bishops and their Particular Churches or Dioceses

section I: Diocesan Bishops

section II: Diocesan Boundaries

section III: Assistants in the Pastoral Office of the Diocesan Bishops

1. Coadjutor and auxiliary bishops

2. Diocesan curia and commissions

3. The diocesan clergy

4. Religious

Chapter III: Concerning Bishops Cooperating for the Common good of Many Churches

section I: Synods, Councils and especially Episcopal Conferences

section II: The Boundaries of Ecclesiastical Provinces and the Erection of  Ecclesiastical Regions

section III: Bishops Having an Inter-Diocesan Office

General Directive

Special Essays:

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