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Aborted Assignment

Rocco whispered this news on his Twitter feed, and I’m perched between disappointment and acceptance on reading it. (Archbishop John) Nienstedt quietly arrived in Michigan Jan. 6 to help St. Philip pastor Rev. John Fleckenstein, who has been ill, an arrangement … Continue reading

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Bloom Where Planted

Archbishop John Nienstedt says a pope planted him in the Twin Cities. He’ll bloom where he’s planted. (Or wither on the vine?) Is he daring another pope to fire him? Bishops are readily available, it seems, to move up when … Continue reading

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A Benedict Man?

The Twin Cities’ Star Tribune asks if Archbishop John Nienstedt will be a Benedict man: But we also hope Nienstedt takes to heart the example of Pope Benedict. Eighteen months ago, Benedict concluded that he was not up to the … Continue reading

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When A Bishop Can No Longer Be A Bishop

Grant Gallicho at Commonweal keeps Archbishop Nienstedt in the news. The commentary there is interesting. It illustrates how administrative mismanagement tears at the fabric of unity in the Church. It also smears us in the mainstream media: a thousand miles away, … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath?

Dawn Eden did some digging and thinks there’s something behind black masses that will get the attention of liberals, non-religious, and the like. Don’t get me wrong on this: as a liturgist, I can feel my dander rising whenever my … Continue reading

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Another 2013 Person, Not Pope Francis

Poor Pope Francis. Out-polled by an American president, named best-dressed for not wearing martyr’s shoes, and now bypassed for another popularity “honor” by a layperson, at least according to NCR: NCR has been reporting on the priest sex abuse crisis since … Continue reading

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“You Deserve Better”

A headline and a fair and honest quote from the St Paul-Minneapolis archbishop, John Nienstedt, preaching at a suburban parish in his diocese. He also was quoted in CNS: The negative news reports about past incidents of clerical sexual abuse in … Continue reading

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Archbishop John Nienstedt pledges to restore trust. In reading words like these, I look for how things are expressed. Passive voice: The first thing that must be acknowledged is that over the last decade some serious mistakes have been made. … Continue reading

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Call For A Fresh Start

It takes guts, or something, to be a pastor and to suggest in one’s parish bulletin it may be time for a fresh start with one’s diocesan leadership. One assumes he might mean a new bishop, vicar general, and others … Continue reading

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No Smell of Goat

Week five of my Ignatian online retreat asks me to look at the deep and real evil in the world. The web site: How much denial of God’s right to praise, reverence, and service can we experience this week? How … Continue reading

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