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Open Thread on Proof-Texting

Max seems skeptical of the term proof-texting. Merriam-Webster online gives a basic definition: a Scriptural passage adduced as proof for a theological doctrine, belief, or principle. I assumed an anti-religionist would be distrustful of a Christian site’s definition, but I … Continue reading

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Open Thread on Credibility

(Hint: this is a new open thread for Max, and others who would like to engage him or be entertained by him.) I could ask a New York Yankee fan for info, input, and knowledge on the Boston Red Sox. … Continue reading

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Open Thread on Insults

Charles and a few others have taken exception to Max’s commentary here. (There are more comments communicated to me than what you see posted on the site.) Max responded to Charles, and in part, he wrote: I thought I was … Continue reading

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Petitioning God

How do we ask things of God? On his comment a bit earlier tonight Max asked: I’m not angry. I’m not the one with power. I’m not (G)od. I can’t do anything to intercede on an attack on innocent children. If … Continue reading

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Joel Anticipates Max

When I heard this line from the first reading this morning, I immediately thought of our friend Atheist Max: Spare your people, LORD! do not let your heritage become a disgrace, a byword among the nations! Why should they say among … Continue reading

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