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Kansas City Sunset

It was somewhat surreal today, as the family and I were driving on Broadway through downtown Kansas City on the way to the young miss’s cardiology check-up. I pointed out the shiny dome of the cathedral. A few seconds later I … Continue reading

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Various commentators on the internet today: Ann Carey continues to hammer away on the LCWR at the NCReg. Indeed, time may be running out on the “conversation” with the CDF delegate anyway, for only two and a half years remain … Continue reading

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Canonical Process For Bishop Finn

My former bishop gets reported to Pope Francis. The canonical appeal is facilitated by Father James Connell, priest of the Milwaukee archdiocese and canon lawyer. Over 100,000 online signatures. (I wasn’t one of them.) Will anything come of this? Some … Continue reading

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‘He is not to come to this church any more.’

The various news reports surrounding the new pope are entertaining. Does he have one lung or two? Was he soft on South American fascism? I like this one: Cardinal Law ejected from Santa Maria Maggiore. So hearing that the new … Continue reading

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