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To Peripheries

Pope Francis’s “little monsters” comment is making the rounds today. I found something apt for campus ministry in his message of those in religious orders, as he was urging his listeners to “shun centralism and ideological approaches.” Those who work … Continue reading

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Catholic Student Housing

The NYT has a feature on a Christian dorm at a public university (Troy, in Alabama) built and run by Catholics. Different opinions, including a thumbs-up from university chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr: It is not about proselytizing, but about bringing a … Continue reading

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Mystery Trumps Truth?

A good brief interview with Katie Diller, campus minister. I was serving at Michigan State for a few years in the 90’s, but missed her undergrad years. She’s back there on staff, and from what I read of the chat … Continue reading

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Keeping The Faith on Campus

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, has a brief, thoughtful, and helpful piece in the WaPo. Those going off to college this time of year are in the midst of the most significant transition of their lives. Academically, these high school graduates will … Continue reading

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Caution on the Purity Culture

Some months ago, a campus ministry colleague from another diocese was sharing with me a later life “insight” from a former student I found somewhat troubling. It came to mind when I was reading this Catherine Woodiwiss piece in Sojourners. The … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Loving Work

I started this great book by Mike Hayes before I went to bed Thursday night at the conference. I finished it on the plane home the next day. Mike is well known in the blogosphere as the co-founder of Busted … Continue reading

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Still Conferencing

Posting will be light for a few days here … We’re finishing up the campus ministry conference. It has been a rich experience in the usual ways for me: connecting with new colleagues, sharing insights with my friends on staff … Continue reading

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