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Cardinal Mahony Featured

Check this devastating report on Cardinal Roger Mahony. The man has largely disappeared from public view since the conclave. But in retirement he still blogs, mainly in immigration policy advocacy. The report seems thorough and balanced–more than fair to a man … Continue reading

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The Frequently Scheduled One

Grant Gallicho levels a devastating post on the Frequently Misspelled Scheduled One and the active ordinary of his archdiocese. And just when you thought the episcopal attack on the truth couldn’t get any more brazen: (Archbishop Gomez) does have the … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

Too much for sure from the Vatican’s viewpoint. The Frequently Misspelled One broadcasts that the Vatican wanted him to come to Rome. Insisted: Without my even having to inquire, the nuncio in Washington phoned me a week or so ago … Continue reading

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Beyond Humiliation, the Curia

If Cardinal Mahony had come out on his own blog about the smail’s pace of the curia in dealing with priest predators, it might have come across as somewhat self-serving. I’m inclined to think there’s blame to spread around, if … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Evasion

Is it about time LA’s ex-archbishop gets an expose in the LA Times? A few of my liturgical colleagues still give a nod or two when passing his shrine, but I’ve always counted myself as a skeptic where the Frequently … Continue reading

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