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On Spiritual Communion

Deacon Fritz Bauerschmidt has an excellent piece on the merits of the Act of Spiritual Communion, a prayer authored by Saint Alphonsus Liguori and used in my parish, archdiocese, and many places during this time of pandemic. I appreciated his … Continue reading

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Two Were Bound For Emmaus

I’ve been an admirer of Bob Hurd for almost forty years. I’d like to meet the guy someday and talk theological shop. I had a dream two mornings ago that I was playing “Two Were Bound For Emmaus.” I was … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Rosary

This may be the most frequent daily practice, at least for Catholics. The number of Hail Mary prayers in the original three sets of mysteries equaled the number of psalms. Some union with monasteries might have been a motivation. Some … Continue reading

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Strong In The Face Of Tribulation

The Vatican publishing house offered a free book this week. Strong In The Face Of Tribulation¬†is like a small library. Andrea Tornelli offers a four-page introduction. He states the purpose of the volume: (A) little help offered to all, so … Continue reading

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The Rich Bail; Their Sycophants Complain

I was ready to join a social media friend (who shall go anonymous, for his own benefit) who was outraged that Rhode Island authorities were going driveway-to-driveway to ferret out Big Apple refugees. Why, some poor ragtag New Yorkers had … Continue reading

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Balms Not Palms

There is a balm in stay-at-home: pets at play; even the eleven-year-old gets into his inner kitten with a shopping bag listening to jazz, a lot of it opening the blinds early and wide time for daily prayer and exercise … Continue reading

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Missing My Anchor

I confess some bad days in pandemic-land. I’ve spent over thirty years tending to the worship life of my parish–forty if I count my experiences in college and young adulthood before I entered full-time service. The one Mass per week … Continue reading

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Post-Pandemic Loyalty

I can understand the impulse to support local business as much as possible during the pandemic. As I was reading stories of worker laments this morning–things a bit beyond the expected furloughs–it got me thinking. On some fronts, it won’t … Continue reading

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A List Of Pandemic Opportunities

The discussion on other social media outlets is more vigorous than it was here on “Whose Sin?” A friend suggested a right response is to repent. I think that can be right. For some people, it may be most right. … Continue reading

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Hint of Sun

Whoa! Hint of sunshine in the neighborhood today. I was up early, did some morning yoga–still a bit sore from yesterday’s workout which was mildly vigorous for an out-of-shape body. Continued with my morning routine of small breakfast, teeth, shower, … Continue reading

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Working In Exile

Here’s the view from my “home office” window. A gray day, but full of promise for Spring. I find it requires discipline to get church tasks done here. Just today, interruptions for receiving a grocery run, a package delivery, a … Continue reading

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Announcing A Fast

I saw a few bits of fuss about Wednesday being assigned as a day of fasting and prayer for the time of pandemic. Over the years, I’ve seen similar dismay at the suggestion that the day of Transfiguration be assigned … Continue reading

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Furlowed In Exile

The young miss was told her work establishment is shutting down for the next two weeks. Her mom is on the last legs of a bronchitis spell, so we will see who has more cabin fever when I get home … Continue reading

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Streaming In Exile

The Best Buy was weirdly quiet today. I saw people entering and leaving. But inside, it was like people had all disappeared. It was borderline creepy. I bought my streaming stick and left. It was relatively painless to set it … Continue reading

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The Exile Commences

Here’s the Sunday morning parking lot at my parish: Way different from the norm. My white car, a priest’s blue car, and our faith formation director’s in the distance. You can see the green canvas-covered fence of our construction zone … Continue reading

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