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Dicasteries: The Great Reorganization

Pope John Paul II’s 1988 curia reform Pastor Bonus has been superceded, and a Vatican bureaucracy upended, at least on paper. The NCRep has a story on it here. Naturally, most secular media I’ve seen are focused on the notion … Continue reading

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Curia Criticism

I notice a lot of commentary on the pope’s Christmas speech to the curia. Perhaps an unexpected piece of support was from that radical, Walter Kasper, who views Pope Francis as a “Jesuit spiritual guide”: The fundamental thing is he wants … Continue reading

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Just Get Some Rest

It’s not just the curia who could be looking at Pope Francis’s blistering message. It occurred to me that many of the ailments describe the sicknesses of pastoral ministry. I was struck by the second one as personally applicable, that … Continue reading

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First Mistake? I Think Not

Thomas Reese SJ thinks Pope Francis made his first mistake by dropping the red hat on four curia bureaucrats. I think probably not. From the NCR blogger: True reform must destroy the papal court and turn it into a civil … Continue reading

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Down With Gossip

A confluence of two news bits in my box today. First, Rita Ferrone relates a charming experience of a seminary openings its doors to the praying Church. Bill deHaas reminds us that the curia and their associates have thrown cold … Continue reading

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C8 Looks At CDWDS

The cardinal committee is meeting with Pope Francis today, tomorrow, and Thursday. The first curial department under the microscope is the CDWDS. Federico Lombardi, SJ, Vatican spokesman: They have to start somewhere. It’s a good place to start. Leadership in Liturgy has … Continue reading

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Curia On Retreat

That headline is correct; it’s not “curia in retreat.” CNS has the news of Pope Francis’s plans for the 2014 Lenten retreat: It will be held at a retreat center about twenty miles outside of Rome It will be led … Continue reading

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Bound For Disappointment

Cardinal Walter Kasper weighs in on the punditry surrounding Pope Francis. “Many will be disappointed in Francis,” he said, surmising that the so-called conservative branch already feels let down “because he doesn’t have the intellectual heft of Benedict and then … Continue reading

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First they want to tell us Pope Francis signed off on the LCWR witch hunt. Today Rock posted on PF’s meeting with Latin American religious. Supposedly he said: Say you err, [or] make a blunder – it happens! Maybe you’ll … Continue reading

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Another Bishop Under Fire

This latest episcopal misadventure has sort of a Mahony in February vibe. Or Bishop Bill, if you prefer. Given that Roberto Gonzalez Nieves is not a cardinal, but more than an Outback bishop, I suspect this will go less successfully … Continue reading

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So … when the Vatican says it won’t ordain any bishops for a country until an investigation is complete, is it something like an “episcopal interdict?” Cardinal Marc Ouellet, head of the Congregation for Bishops, has communicated his office will not … Continue reading

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Someone should cover the mothers (and other family members) of the papabile more carefully. Quote of the day from Eleonore Schönborn: Christoph would not be up to the bitchiness in the Vatican. The intrigues in Vienna are enough for him.

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Curia vs Who?

I admire Rocco Palmo’s enthusiasm and optimism about the Church that infuses most all of his writing. Even when he reports bad or difficult news, he wants to draw the reader into his own sadness or disappointment. I have to … Continue reading

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The Unanswered Question

From David Gibson at RNS, Reuters correspondent Phil Pullella to Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi SJ: The American cardinals did not leak anything in their briefings. The Italian cardinals did leak and are continuing to leak things outside the General Congregations. Does … Continue reading

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More Conclave Thoughts

Here’s a quote of the day from last month, via RNS. Robert Mickens, The Tablet: It’s not clear that it would make any difference to have a pope with an African or Latin American face if he turned out to … Continue reading

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