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Cardinal Pell To Rome

Mixed reports yesterday about the possibility of Cardinal George Pell, his continent’s representative in the octocards, staying in his Sydney archdiocese and running Vatican finances from afar. It appears to be not the case. The Cardinal will go to Rome. … Continue reading

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Cardinal Watch

Honduras’s octocardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has been getting headlines for what I was reading as a “brotherly” pushback against CDF head and cardinal-to-be Gerhard Müller. I counted no less than nine headers at conservative outlet Pewsitter. John Allen picks up the original … Continue reading

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Checklist for the New Commission

Liam’s link didn’t work directly, but I was able to find Cardinal O’Malley’s statement with a little sleuthing. (Click here, then click “Inglese” if it comes up in Italian.) The new commission for the protection of minors includes this checklist: … Continue reading

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Will Non-Catholics Get the Ear of Pope Francis?

My musing about Pope Francis inviting non-Catholics to observe or even join the Cardinal Council was a throwaway thought in an earlier post today. Pope John XXIII of sainted (literally) memory invited Orthodox, Anglicans, and Protestants to Vatican II. So … Continue reading

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And Then There Will Be Nine?

Vatican Radio has a bit from Fr Federico Lombardi on the Octocards meeting tomorrow. Also on the docket, according to Rocco’s Twitter feed, is the naming of a cardinal to represent Eastern Christians. Makes sense to me. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Octocards To Meet

It seems like ages ago Pope Francis announced his gang of 8. And now the Big Meeting is this coming week in Rome. John Allen previews it here, and Rocco “whispers” here. Mr Allen cites the meeting as a turning point, … Continue reading

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