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Ignatius of Loyola: Some Blogging Advice

As I mentioned yesterday, I stumbled across Ignatius’ letter to Pierre Favre, and it struck me for the lessons it contained for bloggers and blogging. In telling why he wrote so many letters, Ignatius wrote: It helps keep me from making … Continue reading

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Would Ignatius of Loyola Have Blogged?

Ignatian websites all over have finished celebrating their month, culminating in  Thursday’s feast day. While my internet Ignatian-oriented friends are recovering and resting, maybe I can pick up some small slack. Ignatius geeks know the man was a ceaseless writer. Some … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Worthy Women: Isabel Roser

In my summer studies here at Creighton University, I’ve learned that a few women actually took Jesuit vows. Isabel Roser supported Ignatius in the early days of his vocation, during his time as a street preacher and beggar in Barcelona. She and … Continue reading

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